Elliott Abrams: Obama Has to Convince Israel He Has Had a “Kishke Transplant”

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obama1Speaking at the AIPAC’s 2013 Policy Conference on Sunday, U.S. diplomat Elliott Abrams, one of the first to address at the opening plenary session of the three-day American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference at the Washington Convention Center in which more than 13,000 delegates are participating, expressed U.S. support for Israel and expounding policy directions and goals.

Abrams, in what may turn into a catchphrase of the presidential visit, said that Obama needs to convince Israelis that he has undergone a “kishke transplant” – that is, that he has had a change of heart.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Most Jews already voted for him like sheep, why does he have to change???? He won with Hagel, he won with the election, he won with jewish votes and he won with Jewish money! HE NEEDS NOT CHANGE FOR NO ONE!
    Yes, I’m Jewish and i obviously dont speak for most, but it’s really a national embarrassment how we can support some Chicago thuglike person! (socialism is soooooo important to us that we will sacrifice our brothers in the mideast.. sad sad sad!


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