Elon Musk: Anti-Defamation League Should ‘Drop the A’ in ‘ADL’

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Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) should “drop the A” from its name after it accused him of antisemitism for criticizing left-wing billionaire George Soros, Breitbart reports.

His role is very controversial: he has funded dozens of radical prosecutors nationwide, for example, who have pursued policies of “criminal justice reform” that have coincided with a shocking rise in violent crime in many American cities.

Musk had been involved in a Twitter debate about Soros’s role in funding radical prosecutors. At one point, Musk tweeted that Soros “hates humanity.” He also compared him to the fictional character Magneto, a villain in the X-Men comic book series who draws on his experiences as a Holocaust survivor to motivate his hatred for humanity. (Soros survived the Holocaust as a boy; he witnessed the confiscation of Jewish property.)

Musks’s comments triggered a wide range of responses — from antisemitic trolls who seize on Soros as the center of their Jewish conspiracy theories, to left-wing critics who accused him of fomenting antisemitism.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt criticized Musk, as the Times of Israel notes:

Musk’s tweet came after ADL’s CEO Jonathan Greenblatt criticized Musk’s remarks about Soros, marking the latest chapter in the roller-coaster relationship between the ADL and the Twitter CEO. When Musk was poised to buy the social media platform, Greenblatt praised him. But in the months since that acquisition, the ADL has been increasingly critical of Musk, accusing him of taking a lax attitude toward policing hate speech.

Another response came from an official at the Israeli foreign ministry, who faulted Musk for provoking antisemitic trolls and for doing nothing about the problem:

However, the Israeli government has itself been critical of Soros in the past. In 2018, then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Soros of funding efforts to stop Israel from deporting illegal immigrants.

Some pro-Israel Jewish commentators came to Musk’s defense:

As Breitbart News has noted, some attacks on Soros are indeed antisemitic — but some are legitimate, and false accusations of antisemitism attempt to silence that criticism.

The ADL was formed to protect Jews against discrimination, and also to advocate for civil rights in general.

The ADL has moved to the left in the years since Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, has led it.


In recent years, the ADL has pushed for more censorship on social media platforms, joining a broader left-wing campaign to push Facebook and other companies to block advertising from groups that it deems to be hateful.

Musk’s comment is not original; conservative radio host Mark Levin, a pro-Israel Jewish lawyer and author, has made a similar comment about the ADL’s recent tendency to defame people on the right. Read more: Breitbart


  1. Jonathan Greenblatt hijacked Abe Foxma’s ADL. Greenblatt turned the ADL into a Democrat party shill not serving the Jewish people

  2. When asked whether the ADL would heed Elon Musk’s advice, and drop the letter “A” from its name, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt told reporters on Thursday: “No, we’re not following Mr. Musk’s advice, because we haven’t experienced any problems keeping our tweets within Twitter’s 280 character limit, so there’s no reason for us to drop any letters. And even if we DID find it difficult to maintain Twitter’s 280 character limit per tweet, I can assure you that dropping one measly letter from our name would not solve the problem.”

  3. A lot of people on the Right deserve to be defamed. Musk gives the anti-Semitic right freedom to spread their hate on Twitter.

    Greenblatt takes on anti-Semitism on the Left, too. Would that the rest of the Jewish world cared about anti-Semitism regardless of the source.

  4. Soros was a musar, he informed the Nazi’s and the gendarmes where Jews were hiding and had them sent to death camps. He spent some months in concentration camps but was a Kapo, once again informing the nazi guards about Jewish prisoners leading to their deaths. He did this because the nazis fed him meat and wine and as he himself stated on 60 Minutes TV show “I did it because I like meat and wine. I have no regrets”.
    He will soon die and go to a very bad place where he will suffer for eternity.

  5. Four Organizations All Founded in 1913
    FED – Federal Reserve
    FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
    IRS – Internal Revenue Service
    ADL- Anti Defamation League

  6. Technically, if you go by dim changes to the graphic art, you can look at the ADL web site and the A is actually a Lambda with a ribbon through it.

    This means to me that Hashem created the ADL but it is half Greek.

    Something foreign to Israel but it serves its brief purpose.

  7. Wow, Charlie Hall is alive. Charlie Hall is a leftist and really should be ignored. So he’s now ignored!

    The fact is that the ADL is for the anti defamation of leftists. They like any other leftist Democrat organization, takes words and twists them to their own narrative, the uber left narrative, the kind that Charlie Hall (shoot, I said I wasn’t going to mention his name) and his people love.

    The fact remains that George Soros is somebody who despises a normal world. He’s made his money off of turmoil. That’s what he looks for. That’s what he wants. Don’t give me the fact that he’s Jewish, if he really is. He’s a bad as Jewish as I am the pope.

    • I read Charlie Hall. He is not cult wrong on many of his feelings. Yours are antisemitic. Sorry you have not been stronger as a father.


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