Elor Azaria, IDF Soldier Imprisoned For Killing Terrorist, Set Free


Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter last year for shooting dead a disarmed Palestinian terrorist in Chevron in 2016, walked free from prison on Tuesday after serving just under two-thirds of his prison sentence.

Azaria’s 14-month prison sentence was slashed by a third in March, after a parole board accepted his plea for early release on account of good behavior. He was originally scheduled to be freed on Thursday May 10 — five months ahead of his October 2018 release date but was released two days earlier so that he could attend his brother’s wedding on Wednesday.

Groups of supporters gathered at his family home Ramla, including the city’s mayor o welcome Elor home. Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed joy at Elor’s release and Education Minister Naftali Bennet tweeted his congratulations to Azaria along with a picture of the family, saying “It’s good to have you home”.

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  1. Baruch Hashem chareidim don’t join this corrupt army where terrorists are more valuable than soldiers.


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