Emails: Christie Aides Shut Bridge

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chris-christieNew Jersey – Did Chris Christie and his staff really close down a lane to block traffic on the George Washington Bridge? He and his staff have denied it, but emails released today between his deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly and two executives at the Port Authority show otherwise.

The emails show the officials closing lanes intentionally to create traffic problems for the mayor of Fort Lee who did not endorse Christie for re-election.

In one email, Kelly writes, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” while Port Authority executive David Wildstein said it was okay to smile that school buses were stuck because “they are children of Buono voters.”

Barbara Buono was Christie’s opponent in the election. Read more at

{ Newscenter}


  1. Like a wise ol’ man (Rahm Emauel, although he’s not so smart) described the Democrat party, “Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!”
    Oy these Republicans, when will they stop shooting themselves in the leg!!
    Good guy Christie but he’s toast now!

  2. What was done, is OUTRAGEOUS!!! I don’t care if it was a democrat or a republican. Who ever was responsible should be thrown in prison and LOSE HIS PENSION!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a terrible hazard to everyone. Can you imagine if there was a terrorist attack of the bridge at that moment?!

  3. A total chutzpah, to close lanes for no other reason then to punish the mayor of fort lee, when in reality you are punishing tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people going to home/work?? how is this not a criminal case?


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