Emanuel Slams Netanyahu Over Support for Romney

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rahm-emanuelChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over what is perceived as his public support of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the last election, Channel 2 News reported on Sunday.

According to the report, Emanuel, a former White House Chief of Staff, said during a closed session at the Saban Forum in Washington that “Netanyahu supported the wrong candidate in the U.S. elections and lost.”

Emanuel also said that the White House expects that Netanyahu’s treatment of President Barack Obama will be different, especially at this time.

He said the President was not willing to accept degrading treatment by the Israeli Prime Minister. “It is inconceivable that the Prime Minister would behave the way Netanyahu is behaving,” said Emanuel, according to Channel 2.

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  1. Mr. Emanuel served in the IDF, despite being an American citizen. He has more right to an opinion than the “arm-chair Zionists” who buy an apartment in J’lem for vacations.

    Israel may not be facing a military threat to its existence, but there are economic and diplomatic threats that are real. Israel has gotten into the habit of messing with its neighbors, including the US. At one time that was a necessity – thirty or forty years ago. Now it’s a recipe for diplomatic suicide. Why on earth Bibi tried to intervene in the US elections defies common sense. All Israelis are now going to have to deal with the consequences of his bad judgment.

  2. it was obama who denigrated netanyahu this is a posture to influence the israeli elections they will be many more statements like this coming from directions from the obama administration

  3. #6 -Yes, Orthodox. Shomer Shabbos and kashruth. Daven in an Orthodox shul. An Israeli citizen as well as an American one. I read the parsha every week. Did you read last week’s, telling about Yaakov Avinu’s preparations for meeting with Esav?

    If you want to have opinons on Israeli politics, go live there for a while. Put your own neck on the line. I was too old for the IDF but I served in the civilian guard =- armed and with license to kill – or die – in defense of my neighbors.


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