EMBARRASSING: Watch: Biden’s Gaffe At G-7 Summit Sparks Laughter From World Leaders

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    • No reason for him to resign. He’ll be removed very soon and then everyone will see who’s the real 45th president of the US.

  1. When wishing to oust someone – anyone – it is wise to consider the alternative. That goes for controlling employers, independent-minded employees, challenging spouses and incompetent heads of state.
    Will the changed situation be better or worse? It might be hard to tell, but crucial to think about seriously.
    In this case – yes, of course Biden has degenerative dementia. Everyone knew it beforehand and those who voted for him chose to look aside for their own reasons – some because they thought that the alternative was worse and others – radical left Dems – because they believed that only he could beat Trump. He was their useful idiot to bring them victory with the goal of electing Kamala Harris. Even if they placed Biden as a figurehead, he still possesses SOME level of critical thinking and other cognitive functions. That seems preferable to Harris who was chosen solely on the merit of her woke-PC gender and race rather than leadership, experience and other qualifications which are incidental in woke thinking.
    Do you really want to remove Joe Biden and be stuck with Harris?!

    • That is irrelevant. The fact remains that Joe Biden is a privileged white male, and that is no longer allowed in the United States of America. He must step down and apologize for being white.


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