Global Embarrassment

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  1. Our President, at the funeral, without question, serves us as our Jerk-in-Chief, which puts him in the running for Joke-in-Chief and Jester-in-Chief.
    From the morose looks of the First Lady, plainly, her vote is for him as Fool-in-Chief. All of America, from the First Lady down to the last illegal immigrant, are all deeply embarrased.

  2. This wasn’t a funeral, it was a rock star-laden positive memorial. It was four hours long, and wasn’t about tears, it was a happy celebration of a life “well lived”. If were a place of mourning, sure, this picture would be worth a thousand words. But out of context like this, it’s just narishkeight.

  3. What is your obsession with The Drudge Report? If you’re trying to convey that its an ok website for a Ben Torah to check out, you are mistaken.

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