Emmanuel Lawyer Announces Settlement


emmanuel4A lawyer representing the jailed Emmanuel fathers, Mordechai Green, said in a High Court hearing today that the parents have reached a settlement. The girls of the Beis Yaakov will return to school for three days and learn mutual acceptance before going on vacation. Afterward, the different parties in the case will seek to to reach a long-term solution over the summer vacation.

The settlement will be reviewed by the State’s Attorney Office and the High Court.

The disputants had requested last week that the High Court court freeze the arrest orders and free the imprisoned fathers before Shabbos. The court declined, stating the request would be discussed today.

Thousands of demonstrators showed up Motzoei Shabbos outside the Central District Court in Tel Aviv in support of the High Court determination to end the separation of Sephardi and Ashkenzi students in Emmanuel’s school.

Horowitz also announced that he would propose a bill in the Knesset today that would prevent schools that discriminate against students from receiving government financial support.

{JPost/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. bs’d Please correct this!
    There was NO discrimination between Ashkenazi and Sefardi girls. The distinction was on religious issues.
    There were many Sefardi girls in the frumer group and THEIR fathere went to jail!

  2. The agreement also calls for the right of the parents to establish a new school next year in accordance with the regulations drawn up by the Independent Education Center, the separate school they had been operating.

  3. Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools and seminaries set quotas for admitting Sefardim, limiting their enrollment into mainstream Ashkenezi mosdos. Here is a quote from this week’s Mishpacha: “There have been schools in which families weren’t accepted into the school for no other reason than their creed or background. It is very possible that the parents now in jail are serving a sentence because of the actions of some haughty school principals in other communities who ignore the calls ofgedolei Yisrael to run admissions based solely on academic standards and other objective criteria, such as tzniyus and the kedushah of the home.”


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