Emmanuel Parents Ordered to Jail, Slonimer Rebbe to Lead His Chassidim


slonimer-rebbeEmmanuel parents who do not inform the Israeli High Court of Justice in writing by today that they will follow the court’s non-democratic order to return their daughters to the Beit Yaakov school there will be imprisoned for two weeks beginning tomorrow, Justices Edmond Levy, Edna Arbel and Chanan Meltzer ruled late yesterday as reported here on Matzav.com.

The chassidus of Slonim will not cave to the order and say they will proudly march to prison if they are forced, together with the Slonimer Rebbe, Rav Shlomo Berezovsky, as well as other leading rabbonim and supporters.

Chareidi parents continue to state that obligating them to send their daughters back to a school they don’t want their children to attend is unconstitutional.

The High Court justices have ignored the complaints, reiterating that their jail ruling was a response to what they believe is segregation at the school on ethnic and not religious grounds.
At the end of the hearing, Slonimer parents and their supporters in the courtroom were led in a unified cry of “Shema Yisroel” and “Utzu etza vesufar.”

The planned Thursday procession to prison is expected to galvanize the chareidi community and Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush of UTJ has already announced that he will set up his office outside the walls of the prison tomorrow.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Rav Elyashev and many other Gedolim are leading Klal Yisroel and these heroic parents who are being Moser Nefesh for the Chinuch of their children, to the zionist prison.

    Rabbosai, Gedolei Yisroel has spoken!

  2. Let it be clear that the issue is not discrimination, there are approx 30% sfardi girls in the ashkenazi branch. Rather’ they have standards which must be met. And if anything, the Israeli society should start with themselves where chareidim and Sfardim are very much discriminated agaainst.

  3. Notices are currently being printed announcing the programme tomorrow in yerusholaim and bnei brak to dance the parents to prison. The police have given the go ahead to close yirmiyohu, bar ilan, shmuel hanovi etc. Tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands are planning to attend headed by all gedolim, rebbes, roshei yeshivos. Further details to come.

  4. To all Slonimer chassidim: Chazak v’Emutz! We all look up to your great mesiras nefesh for Torah true education. This is a kiddish Shem Shomayim of the greatest madreigah. Keep it up! Klal Yisroel is with you!!!

  5. They are so jealous of our education system. And then the govt will wonder why the world, who is jealous of them, will lynch them R”L

  6. And what happens after the two weeks are over? Are they free to go about their lives in keeping with their hashkofos? Schools all over the world have the right to establish standards for admission in keeping with the school’s philosophy. A sefaradi girl who lives up to the strict regulations established by the school should be admitted, but no student, sefaradi or ashkenazi, whose standards do need meet the strict requirements of the school for admittance to the school should be rejected, and there is nothing wrong or unusual in that. This is not an ashkenazi/sefaradi issue; it is an issue of level of frumkeit. More observant parents have every right to shelter their children from negative,overly lax standards.

  7. If the Bais Yaakov in Emanuel would not take money from the Israeli government , would the courts still be able to mix in and rule how the school should be run ?

  8. The court order is the product of a democratic system, to suggest otherwise is to show a complete misunderstanding of the democratic process.
    If Israel is such a treife medinah, as most readers are suggesting, perhaps its time to leave and to let the Zionists to stew in their own bilge.

  9. to #11: I think they did stop taking money from the gov. but the gov still says it’s contempt of court and discrimination

  10. This is great news, because it will Bezres Hashem help the collapse of the state of Israel.

    I have no doubt that this will cause an uproar in Shomyim and Hashem will not sit back and look down upon his crying children peacefully and laugh it off.

    The one thing we can still be done to avoid parents of going to jail for 2 weeks is, Daven to Hashem and ask him to aknoll this decree, its all in Hashems hands.

    As brothers and sisters we have to feel for those parents who are fighting for Kovod Shmayim, and reduce Hashems pain.

    We hope and pray that when Hashem sees how Klall Yisroel are united on this matter it will speed up the Geulah.

  11. Shulamit Amichai, the head of the Ministry of Education at the time this case opended, send attorney Mordechai Bass to Emanuel to investigate. He said:

    “The division was not ethnic, it was religious. I am convinced that there is no ethnic discrimination.”

    “When ethnic discrimination actually occurs, we must combat it with all our might. I express my sorrow about complaints like these – thrown in the air – that increase hatred among Israel, and are totally baseless.” ()

    For more information and original court documents, see:



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