Emotional Levaya for Sarah Erdan, 13-Year-Old Killed in Crash


erdan-crashThe teenager who killed a 13-year-old passenger when he plowed a minivan into a Brooklyn house will be treated as an adult in court. He was arraigned today in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges of criminally¬†negligent homicide, reckless driving and speeding in the death of Sarah Erdan.The 16-year-old, of Brooklyn, also was charged with operating a motor vehicle out of class, meaning he should have had a parent or guardian with him because he only had a state-issued junior driver’s permit.

Bail was set at $10,000 and it wasn’t immediately clear if he posted bond. His next court date is Dec. 6.

No adults were with the driver on Sunday when he barrelled down E. 23rd St. at speeds of up to 63 mph – twice the speed limit on the one-way, single-lane strip – with Sarah and her 16-year-old brother, Yosef.

Under the law, the driver cannot have more than one passenger younger than 21 in the car.

Also, Sarah was not wearing a seat belt when the driver crashed the Honda Odyssey, sources said.

The driver totaled the van around 1:45 p.m. Sunday, around the corner from Sarah’s house on Quentin Rd. in Midwood.

“It was this huge, colossal crash,” said one neighbor, who didn’t want to give her name. “You couldn’t fathom exactly what happened.”

Police said the minivan crashed into the rear of a parked car, sideswiped a tree and plowed through a fence before slamming into the porch of a house at 1620 E. 23rd St.

Neighbor Nina Einhorn, 24, said the driver and Sarah’s 16-year-old brother tried desperately to pull Sarah from the van, but she appeared to be trapped in the rear seat.

“They were screaming, ‘Help her! Help her!’ ” said Einhorn. “She [Sarah] was crying in the car, but then we couldn’t hear her anymore.”

Firefighters pulled the girl from the van.

Sarah was the youngest of the four children, said Rachel Bonayan, a neighbor of Sarah’s frum family.

Mayer Berger¬† said he tried to console Sarah’s family at the hospital.

“They were devastated,” Berger said. “They can’t believe what happened. The mom was screaming, ‘I can’t believe this is happening! This is a dream.’ ”

Sarah’s brother and the driver were treated for minor injuries at Kings County Hospital and released. The teenage driver passed a Breathalyzer test, police said.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


  1. The article dosnt discuss the levaye.

    (I dont think it brings much joy or relief to anyone that the driver is being charged as an adult etc.)

  2. I dont think it brings much joy or relief to anyone that the driver is being charged as an adult.”

    Unfortunately, there are those that will be happy with this news. One hopes, however, that they keep their opinions to themselves (or at least confined to other sites).

  3. Too many Tzarros happening all around us. We all need to look at ourselves carefully and make positive changes that HASHEM will be proud of.

  4. I don’t know of any mesivta that allows boy’s to get drivers licenses. Who’s van was it?

    Now .we have one life lost & another life ruined forever, in this world & the next r”l! Terrible sensless waste of life!

  5. It always happens to someone else…until it doesn’t. Sarah was really sweet and happy. No matter what, she was always smiling and friendly.

  6. With money on the line, the bail agent has a financial interest in supervising bailees, and ensuring that they appear in court each end every time the court orders them to appear.

  7. All these comments!!!
    Why don’t you first find out what REALLY occured. Why are you relying on a newspaper report?
    When you find out the true story, you’ll take back all your comments!!

  8. To #5.

    Mesivtas? Last time I checked it was up to the parent’s to make that decision. I graduated from MYRCB in 1979 and took Driver’s ED in the Mesivta. Most of the class had their licenses in 12th grade.

  9. I think that its about time yhe court shows that they will not put up with this. If nothing will happen what would stop another kid from doing this,someone gotta put a stop to this

  10. #5 what r u talking about?????????? my yshiva lets u have a liscence! everyone drives and brings cars to yeshiva! and look what happens to all those parents that wont allow thier children to get a liscence—- they steal the car anyways, without permission AND with NO expireince. and THIS is what could happen r”l! may as well play it safe!

  11. I wish the family all nechomas in the world.

    People, please, please, please be careful with your children. Human life is not to be taken lightly. And if you do ride in a car, wear a seatbelt.

  12. Sarah was at a birthday party and called her mother to pick her up. Her mother said Yossie (her brother) will pick her up. We told her not to get in the car with him, because he is only 16 years old. She said I always go with him.

  13. To #5)
    I hate to tell you this, 1979 was a long long time ago! Yeshivas have changed their policy. You say you learn’t in Chaim Berlin. I B”H have 2 of my boys learning there now & on the application it clearly states that it’s assur to get a drivers license while in the Mesivta program. Same thing for the Mirrer Mesivta.
    To # 14:
    Enjoy the Deli sandwich. Get back to me after you greps!


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