ENEMY ARMED: Iran Unveils ‘Longest-Range Drone In The World

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Iran unveiled a novel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during a military procession commemorating the anniversary of its conflict with Iraq. The Mohajer-10 UAV, as reported by state media, possesses the capability to transport a 300kg payload and sustain flight for a complete day, boasting an impressive operational range of 2000 km – a world-record distance for UAVs.

President Ebrahim Raisi, addressing the parade in the capital, underlined the role of Iranian forces in upholding regional and Persian Gulf security. He asserted, “Our message to the region’s inhabitants is one of resilience. It is not surrender or vacillation, but rather defiance, that compels the adversary to withdraw.” The drone shared the spotlight with ballistic and hypersonic missiles, as well as various branches of the Iranian armed forces.

This demonstration occurred just before Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a speech at the United Nations, condemning the Iranian government for engaging in acts of terrorism, both independently and through various proxy entities across the globe. Among his litany of accusations, the Prime Minister specifically pointed out the extensive use of Iranian drones by Russia in the Ukraine War.

The United States has implemented a series of sanctions against nations it alleges are procuring or advancing Iranian drone technology, an assertion vehemently refuted by the Iranian government.




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