England: Top Jewish School May Be Closed If It Won’t Offer Coed Classes

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The British government declared a top-performing Jewish school to be “inadequate” because it teaches girls and boys separately.

King David High School in the Manchester area was downgraded this year by Ofsted, the British government’s regulator authority for education, the Manchester Evening News reported last week.

It had been rated by Ofsted as “outstanding” in keeping with its being one of the top-rated and best-performing high schools in the country but was found to be practicing “unlawful segregation” of pupils “on the grounds of faith and belief and sex.”

The school of 800 pupils may be shut down if it continues to be found inadequate in subsequent inspections.

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  1. Will it be shut down or will it cease to receive government funds as a public school and need to convert into a private school without government funding? If the latter, then it’s not in danger of closing, but rather of losing funding. There’s a difference between them.

  2. just asking. If this was a public school and some male students decided they were females or vice versa. The school would get an award for its inclusiveness. Let’s play their game and some of the students should declare themselves male. Problem solved.

  3. As long as it is a public school, funded by the state, the government has full authority to demand compliance with whatever its regulations are, no matter how ridiculous, or even obscene. If the department of education suddenly demands that the school must have a quota of transgender students, or has to teach alternative lifestyles, or Christianity and Islam, for cultural exposure, it will get its way, legally, if the same standards are applied throughout the country.

    • your 100% right. unless of course, we believe in democracy, where people are respected for having their own beliefs and systems, while not enforcing them on anyone else. But your right arent you? what with the extreme right and extreme left lo active nowadays, there arent very many functioning democracies.

  4. Socialist-fascists won’t stop until they destroy all traditional institutions and control every aspect of life. A vote for Democratic or Labor parties is a vote for shmad.


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