Enhancing Sholom & Simchas Ha’Bayis & Preventing Contentious Divorce.

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A fascinating Tisha B’av program. FREE viewing!

Boi B’Sholom: A Global Tisha B’Av program by Yashar Initiative

This Tisha B’Av, the Yashar Initiative is gratified to present its Global Tisha B’Av program, Boi B’Sholom. Bo’i B’Sholom is a compendium of inspiration and advice from our Gedolim, Rabbonim and professionals regarding enhancing and safeguarding Sholom Bayis in our homes.

Our community has seen a dramatic increase in contentious divorce. Many involve acrimonious custody battles where spiritual futures are at stake. Numerous factors have contributed to this tragic development, including emotional issues, disparate religious outlooks, and a lack of proper tools for conflict resolution.


It is more important than ever to start the conversation and explore solutions to avoiding this pain, and protecting innocent neshamos from the terrible, inevitable fallout. We need to equip our couples to enter marriage on the same page, so they can build a beautiful Bayis Ne’eman together, knowing that all bases are covered in the event of future conflict.

“A major contributor that is adding fuel to the fire, is that everything today is public r”l.

They say when someone sneezes in Eretz Yisroel, they say gesundheit in America.”

Excerpt from Rabbi Bender (Edited)

On the day that we mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, we’ll discuss solutions to prepare our children for successful marriages that are destined to become Binyanei Adei Ad. Viewers will be able to watch over two hours of FREE education and inspiration from Gedolim, therapists, and leading askanim.

Together, we’ll discuss solutions to prepare our children for successful marriages. We’ll address many questions, including some of the causes for contentious divorce, as well as what parents can do to protect their children from its pitfalls.

This Tisha B’av, Sunday, July 18, join thousands of Yidden around the world in safeguarding and enhancing Sholom Bayis. Watch FREE online at: YasharInitiative.org or on Torah Anytime, or listen over the phone at 718-298-2077 ext 51. Download or order a DVD at [email protected], or call 718.943.4500 to host a screening. The program will be available for viewing after Tisha B’av as well.

The Yashar Initiative provides a framework for healthy marital conflict resolution. Rabbanim, legal professionals, and experienced therapists developed the Heskem which enables couples to enter marriage with an ideal arrangement in place in the event of future conflict. Yashar’s goal is to promote honest discussion about the relationship and provide common grounds of acceptance between husband and wife.


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