Enough Noise: Time for Kavod Hatorah

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matzav_networkBy Shmuel Miskin

There’s only so much one can swallow when gedolim are disgraced and simpletons walk around, yelling into every microphone they can find about what they feel is the proper course for the frum community to take, politically, hashkafically, or otherwise.

They preach morality and then, in the same breath, the simpletons are mevazeh gedolim, by name, talking about how the Novominsker Rebbe and Rav Moshe Wolfson were manipulated, chas veshalom, among other such charges.

Enough is enough.

Kavod haTorah calls for a machaah. We’ve had enough of self-proclaimed spokesmen claiming they speak for all of us frum Yidden when they publically, and unabashedly, mock gedolim and claim that our leaders have been manipulated.

These are my words of protest for kavod haTorah. Feel free to share yours below.

Don’t forget: Our leaders are our gedolei Torah, not self-appointed noise-makers who represent no one but themselves.

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  1. Mr Miskin, stop talking in riddles. If you are so certain about your “machaah”, why don’t you be more specific, in names? Kavod Hatorah must never be trampled on, and in the event there are those that wish to do just that, their names and agendas must be publicized, utherwise its useless making a “machaah”

  2. Number 1, if you are such a dimwit, then maybe you should be reading this site
    He’s abviously talkign about the slef proclaimed spokesman of klal yisroel, yehudah levin, and you know what? I never agree with Miskin but this time he is right on. This man has embarrassed all of us Jews in NY. His bizui gedolim is reprehensible.

  3. Oh. There are many more self-proclaimed “gedolim” today. Such as UOJ, JACB,
    Spotlight and more.
    Its too late for machahs.
    But one has to know that they are mevazeh gedolim by the dozen and treat them as such.

  4. To be ‘Mevazeh’ is a terrible Issur, not only Gedolim but any Talmid Chochom.

    But to disagree and to hold an opinion of a minority of Rabbonim against the ‘consesuse’ is ok. (You can’t say they’re being misguided etc. but you could say they are simply making a mistake.) Today there’s no such thing as ‘Rov Deyos’ (see Chazon Ish Yoreh Deah 150).

  5. MD Shweks you are right about holding a minority opinion, but a person may not MOCK gedolim regardless! I heard him say that the Novominsker Rebbe was manipulated! He said it to Zev Brenner! That’s uncalled for! What a bizayon!

  6. If you mean Levin, He did say good and do good in general, but he should have stop short of directly saying the Rabbonim on the other side are doing it for money etc.

    I heared R’ Avigdor Miller many times but Levin is no Rav Miller…

    It’s sad that there isn’t any one more pleasant and propper doing this work with the same guts…

  7. Redifining marriage is something written explicitly in the Torah.

    Candidates Quinn, Bloomberg, and Schneiderman are some of the most vocal advocates. 2 of them live alternative lifestyles proudly.

    Yet, within hours of last years Pride Parade, these pigs were honored.

    Askanim held a huge fundraiser for Quinn.

    Like it or not, Vesartem v’avaditem Elokim achairim vehishtachavisem lahem, has already been mekuyam through these actions.

  8. The opposite seems to be true, there is much kavod and adherence to gedolei hatorah.
    A foremost Gadol of Manhattan said, that not all information on issues are presented and it is difficult to give direction, haskamos, or pasock.

  9. #8, there’s a huge difference between a person and cat when “ridding” themselves of mice.

    Which one does Levin appear to be? Rabbi Miller never made a press confrence outside a church (which is probably a violation of halocha, that same Torah Levin is “protecting”), never brought candidates into his shul to criticize others etc.

    One has to live a life like Rabbi Miller in order to do the easy stuff….

  10. The irony is that Mr. Miskin here is defaming R’ Yehuda Levin, who is a gadol in his own right. He may not run an organization or a pseudo-Chassidus and give great shiurim in areas of ruchnius and hashkafa, but he is following his rebbe, HaGadol R’ Avigdor Miller, zt’l, and is a representative of the Igud Harabbonim, a rabbinical organization which represents many Chabad shluchim and rabbonim, and shul rabbonim who are bnei hayeshivos and musmachim, and are thus ineligible and/or unwilling to join the RCA, which is mostly YU musmachim who are Modern Orthodox. I might add that they are the only rabbinical group to have asifas on Rosh Chodesh with many published shiurim and chiddushim, as well as an annual siyum hashas. What other rabbinical organization makes a Siyum HaShas every year? R’ Levin is a tzaddik, and apparently the only voice from within our community taking a strong stance on abortion and toeva. He is also one of the nicest, sweetest men you’d ever meet, and is humble when you speak with him. To defame a gadol under the facade of defending gedolim is a farce and an underhanded attempt that failed.

  11. Each person and his family need a Manhig to turn to in areas of Halocho and hashkofo.
    Defining the term Godol BeYisroel is difficult to determine.
    We are mandated to show the appropriate Kavod to all Talmidei Chachomim in particular and all Yidden in general.
    Futher, we must be respectful to all of Humanity as they are created by HaShem.
    As was stated in a previous comment Rov Daos is no longer applicable

  12. While Leven may be outspoken and may have gone about the wrong way in getting out his message, it certianlt is true everything he said.
    All organizations have their first and main goal to get as much as they can from elected officials.

  13. #13, please find 5 respected rabonim condoning Levin at the PRESENT time. Then you can start telling us about the Igud and its relevence

  14. #9- Comment from Chicago: regardless of whether i agree withyou or not, you mean “elohim acheirim” — (not l’havdil “Elokim” ).

  15. It so happens that Rafv Avigdor Miller z”l himself instructed Rabbi Levin in his career. It has led Rabbi Levin to take some very uncomfortable positions. For example, Rav Miller zt”l told him, more than two decades ago, I think, to endorse Patrick Buchanan (well-known as a rabid anti-semite) instead of a candidate that endorsed what was then called “toeivah rights.” Rav Levin obeyed, and received a lot of political flak for endorsing Buchanan. Eventually, Levin had to back down. My point is that Rav Miller zt”l TOLD him to speak up on such issues.

  16. Why stop with Gedolim? It is unforgivable to treat any human being with disrespect.

    One is allowed to disagree respectfully, based upon facts and express that difference of opinion.

  17. This post is briniging up a good point.
    We have to train ourselves and our children to talk about talmidei chachomim with respect.

    The remarks that were made against Novominsker Rebbe and Rabbi Wolfson, they fall into the category of Hameharhar achar rabbo kmeharhar achar hashchina. I agree with the author of this article in his public mechoa.

  18. Hey Miskin, Who said we have to walk in lock step with your Rabbanim? There are many many different opinions/views. Not every Rov holds there is a problem with the drinking water, Boro Park Eiruv, Bugs in the fish, Indian hair sheitels, Uman, working for a living, Marrying someone without Yichus & money, honoring Joe Leiberman, etc… & other nonsense! Just because people don’t agree with YOUR Rabbonim, it doesn’t mean their “attacking” them. Grow up

  19. There is nothing wrong with what R’ Levin said…if he offends anyone that’s too bad, but it was most likely unintentional. Everything he does, unlike a Sharpton, is guided not by personal desires, but by the Torah and is for the purpose of Torah values.

    For example, i was watching him debate a conservative “rabbi” on MSNBC, he didn’t try to sugar coat ANYTHING, he just spoke emes, and he wasnt concerned about how popular his views were. As for the conservative “rabbi”, he was, as expected, a complete shonda.

    So, what have you done for the dissemination of Torah values in golus lately Mr. Miskin? Are you ensuring that we’re the right type of or l’goyim that Hashem commanded us to be? Or should we just give our approval of which ever ones promise us more money, no matter what their personal lifestyle choices or views are and regardless of whether they actually come through as promised?

    I’d like to thank R’ Yehudah Levin for being a true Tzaddik and a true LEADER, I know that if R’ Miller zt”l were still around he would be engaged in the exact same type of actions. We’re supposed to be follow G-d’s commandments, not the ever-changing fake relative morality that guides the rest of the world

  20. The Novomisker and teh Stamar Rebbes are in good company.

    I debated Levin decades ago, as a caller on his radio program, when he said the same things about Rav Moshe and rav yaakov.

    When he was running for city council, he forged the names of his rabbinic endorsements.

    Lew Levin knows how short people’s memories are, and that people are attracted to extreme positions.

    Lew Levin is too big an am haaretz and to great a shakran to be teh bar plugtah of anyone but a goy like Paladino.

  21. # 19. How do you know that Rav Miller Zichrono Livrocha told Yehuda Levin to endorse Pat Buchanan and how do you know that Rav Miller would approve of Yehuda Levin’s current actions?

  22. #38 —

    Ask any of Rav Miller’s children. They will confirm both his instructions to Rabbi Levin to join Buchanan’s presidential committee and his support oof R. Levin’s political activities.

  23. I actually would agree with your article on this issue IF you had the facts correct. But you do not. Nevertheless, you must agree, in order to remain consistent, that when the reshoyim on blogs attack gedolim for what they say about concerts and sheitels, that they are just as wrong and are being mevazeh them.

  24. Just to add to my previous comment, those blog writers (not c”v on Matzav but elsewhere on the internet) I am referring to also claim the gedolim were “manipulated” into saying what they did about concerts and Indian shteitel. And I’m sure the author of this article would similarly agree that those claims are mevaze gedolim and kavod haTorah.

  25. Dear Writers,
    Without any connection to R levine, allow me to sound an alarm regarding the lack of true understanding of what K HaTorah is really all about (amongst too many of our youth,and that’s where it actually all begins as far as the implanting of fundamentals of Yiddishkeit for life).
    I’m talking about a much deeper and healthier understanding. Truly appreciating this concept.Not stam “Kavod HaTorah” as…”Of course, yes, I know, it’s basic” in a shallow way, as Kashrus, (for lack of a better example)is simply part of our lives….

    Mechaos re K HaTorah have always been musts, at times, when our leaders decided upon such moves, however I believe that ALL of our Torah leaders and leading Mechanchim would agree that what is truly (and urgently) needed is “Tipul Shoresh”(an ivrit term)-treating/nourishing this fundamental at it’s root.
    The same applies to what Daas Torah is really all about, in an in depth way, with clarity and love for it being the goal.

    It CAN be done, and it MUST be done. And, yes, actual rallies and assemblies with passionate words from the hearts of those who can explain it all are needed.So that these Yesodei haDas- the secret of our existence become “Pshitah”, but with true in depth havanah.
    We’re suffering horribly from shallowness, versus pnimius, in general, and Souls are crying out for the latter.
    regarding the above fundamentals, we can’t wait any longer.
    Anyone with a bit of “Roeh Es HaNolad” ought to be able to see where our children/grandchildren will be, H yerachem, if we don’t begin this nourishment today.

    The above is simply a passionate plea for organized action by those capable individuals who truly care.

    The above was long enough, and thus I’m leaving it as a sounding of the alarm, w/o the practical ideas.

    With creativity, true caring, and responsibility for our future we can definitely be Zocheh to “An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”.

    Please! Channel the passion re K HaTorah and Daas Torah in a way that will truly PREVENT detirioration/Hefkeirus.
    And…. the heartrending matzav of all of the… young KORBONOS of this Matzav.

    I’ve been deeply involved in K Rechokim, but , dear friends; Kiruv Krovim regarding…what ought to be the blood that runs in the veins of every last boy and girl (as PREVENTIVE medicine in the flood of Hefkairus/letzanus) is crying out for proffessional treatment.

    This was alot more than a comment, I know.
    Because my plea is to motivate everyone with the time and Kochos to act re above so that there wont be a need for non stop comments which…are NOT saving us from…a FLOOD of destruction re basic nourishment for the souls of our youth.

    And, very deep down, they’re crying out for this nourishment.

    Halevai I would be able to have the Zchus of establishing such an Educational campaign, but I mamash can’t at this point.

    But isn’t there enough talent and passion out there for above?

    Isn’t it long overdo?

    Is there any doubt that leading Mechanchim will back such rallies/Asifos for youth, (and other ways and means).

    There’s so much passion out there re K HaTorah and Daas torah, Baruch Hashem!
    Let’s use and channel it in ways that will earn us Olam HaBah for saving Neshamos!

    ONE (or two) individuals can get it off the ground.
    Don’t underestimate what you can do.

    R.Es HaNolad


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