Equestrians POV: CBD Oil As An Immunobooster For Horses

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Human beings tend to find partners in many different ways; most of us hope to find a suitable partner to live with. Some just get to the idea of being alone or have pet/s to love and treat as babies. 

In urban areas, you could mostly see pets like cats, dogs, fishes, birds, and even at times, reptiles. While in the countryside, the majority of the animals you’ll see are horses, sheep, pigs, and more alike. These countryside animals are not only livestock, but some are also treated with much care and love, like horses!

Animals were created to become companions of humans. Few of them are being consumed as foods, and majorities are loved and even pampered. Pet owners spoil their pets by giving those treats, vitamins, or CBD oils, or even dress them up. Give your pet a good pamper and they will be loyal to you for the rest of their lives.

Horses Are Also Loved

Admit it; once you were a child, you wanted ponies on your birthday. If not a pony, maybe a unicorn rings the bell? Unlike other animals, horses seem to appear magical for tiny children. They need a resemblance to unicorns! We’ve dreamt of riding a horse once in our life, that’s why some citizens trip the countryside to experience these activities as leisure.

Horses possess a canny sense of balance and a robust fight to fight response. They’re also natural fast runners; they defend themselves from predators by quickly escaping. Types of horses are trained for sports like show jumping, rodeo, polo, etc. To grant you more knowledge about horse sporting activities, you’ll be able to check this website for reference. 

Equine caretakers, or because the commonly used term, stableman – takes care of the horses as gently as they will. Caretakers maintain not only the stables but also ensure that the horses are fed well. It’s quite challenging to require care of horses. They have extensive care like dental examinations from veterinarians and vaccinations to guard them from certain diseases. Horses must always remain active maintain their physical health and mental being!

You’ll need an unlimited jug because as big as they are, these horses must drink a plentiful of unpolluted water, which ranges from 30L to 50L a day! Bet you’ll be growing your arms while taking care of the horses. They also have to be fed quite 11 kilograms of forage to own good nutrients in their body.

Take Care Of Your Horse With Cbd Oil

First of all, what is CBD oil and where is it from?

The popular CBD oil is made from the extracts of a cannabis plant and is mixed with hemp seed oil. No, these are unlikely from marijuana; it does not make you high. CBD helps ease certain symptoms and can reduce anxiety. It’s time to explore but with precautions and enough knowledge!

Is CBD Oil Organic?

In all forms, yes! It is 100% organic with its ingredients of cannabidiol (known as CBD oil) and hemp seed oil, you won’t doubt a bit.

Why do you think it’s good for horses?

This oil is completely safe to intake for horses but with proper dosage. Always remember that these treats need proper administration because if not, it could lead to unwanted side effects. We don’t want our pets to suffer because of lack of information, right?

Can CBD Oil Also Used For Other Animals?

Yes, CBD oil can also be used for other animals like dogs and cats. To keep your interest, you may check this website: https://pethempcompany.com/ for more information about healthy treats. Our dogs and cats are also as special as these horses!

Keep Up The Weight

Vitamins supply ample nutrients in our body. Each kind of vitamin plays a role in our immune system. Much likely as we need vitamins and minerals, our fellow animals need them too. That’s why we need to give them the proper kind of vitamin so they can have an ample amount of nutrients in their bodies.

Here’s a little information on why vitamins play a vital role not only on humans but also on animal welfare: 

  • Lessens stress levels. Human as we are, we tend to get stressed under circumstances. Imagine how it will be more stressful for our cute pets; they don’t have mouths to complain though. 

  • Boosts immune system. Our pets can have flu, especially when it’s the season for influenza. Let’s not forget that they can be affected too. 

  • Keeps ‘em calm. All those traveling and doctor appointments for animals could stress them a lot. Try to visualize going somewhere you’re afraid of or uncomfortable with and put that visualization for our lovely animals.

These are just some points on why we should give a daily dose of vitamin to our pets in all kinds.

Vets Do Better

For good and all, remember veterinarians studied hard on becoming the protectors of the animal kingdom. They make sure the health and well-being of every specie on this planet is looked after. So, do not hesitate to approach a veterinarian first before using this product on your pet. Trust your vet because they are the experts in animal life. As always, precaution is better than cure.  

A visit to the veterinary clinic is also a treat for your animals. This means that you take care of them. Pay attention to your pets, they’re not just there to guard your house, but also to make you happy!


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