Era of Lapid Edicts is Over

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This week, the Knesset passed the final reading of a bill that does away with the last remains of Yair Lapid’s edict in government to require Israeli yeshivos teach a core curriculum in order to receive government funding.

The Liba (Core Curriculum) Law was a chiloni effort to force chareidim to teach secular studies in school.

The law dictated that any chareidi school that did not teach secular subjects would not be able to receive government funding. The coalition agreement between Likud and UTJ, as well as the agreement between Likud and Shas, stipulated that new legislation would be passed to overturn this requirement. The new law doesn’t prohibit secular studies in chareidi schools; it states simply that the government cannot compel a school to teach specific subjects, and that government funding cannot be made contingent on those subjects being taught.

The vote, which came late Monday night, passed with 41 MKs in favor and 28 against.

This marked the end of the era of the Lapid edicts. With the passage of this amendment, the last remaining decree was eliminated.

The forced draft and conscription quotas passed by the previous government, under pressure from Lapid (and with the support of Naftali Bennett and his Bayit Yehudi party), were annulled long ago.

The Knesset enters its summer recess with this important development.

David Steger – Israel


  1. The damage is done though… His approach has created an ongoing hostile and divided country… Until then everyone knew quietly in their hearts how some “yeshiva” boys who really arent learning or doing anything; wud probably do better doing national service of some sort; it was a quiet discussion…. Until then the rabbanim weren’t attacked or the klal for their hashkafos and so it didn’t erupt into a religious war….. But when he came around and used the language, approach, punishment, clear opposite outlook of our torah the rabbanim needed to intervene and when they did they needed to finally draw the line and say NO….to any of it…


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