Erdan Responds To UN Chief: He Does Not Acknowledge Hamas Committed Any Crimes

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Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, offered a strong reply to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ remarks concerning the crimes perpetrated by Hamas.

Erdan emphasized, “The Secretary-General’s statement underscores the unfortunate reality that, in the case of Israeli women, instances of sexual violence validated by state authorities are still subject to ‘investigation.’ He seems to cast doubt on established facts, opting to wait 55 days before summoning an unidentified party for an ‘investigation.’ There’s a glaring refusal to acknowledge that Hamas is responsible for these crimes,” Erdan asserted.

He continued, noting that the Secretary-General’s comments were an attempt to pacify the justified global discontent over his and the UN’s silence. Erdan accused the Secretary-General of overlooking Hamas’s egregious crimes while swiftly accepting the claims of Hamas and the ‘Gaza Ministry of Health’ against Israel regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza, without deeming them in need of ‘investigation.’

Looking ahead, Erdan announced an upcoming significant event at the UN where they will present evidence confirming Hamas’s involvement in sexual crimes. He extended an invitation for the Secretary-General to attend, urging him to unambiguously condemn Hamas for these shocking crimes and take steps to initiate an investigation against the group.

After nearly two months following the October 7 Hamas massacre, Guterres finally acknowledged the group’s commission of sexual violence during the attack.

Guterres stated on X, “There are numerous accounts of sexual violence during the abhorrent acts of terror by Hamas on 7 October that must be vigorously investigated and prosecuted.” He added, “Gender-based violence must be condemned. Anytime. Anywhere.”

Israel has voiced dissatisfaction with UN Women for its failure to condemn the rape and murder of Israeli women by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 attack. The Israel Police, through survivor testimony and the interrogation of captured terrorists, discovered that those responsible for the October 7 attack committed mass rape against their victims.

Israel’s First Lady, Michal Herzog, expressed outrage and a sense of betrayal in a recent opinion piece in Newsweek. The piece highlighted the international community’s failure to condemn the use of gender-based violence by Hamas.

Guterres sparked controversy when he suggested that Hamas’ attack on Israel “did not happen in a vacuum” and seemed to place blame on Israel for the assault.



  1. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “It is virtually impossible to get the United Nations
    to condemn any Arab terrorist group or state
    for any attack on Israel or Jewish institutions.

    Yet there is an eagerness to condemn Israel,
    whether Israel is right or wrong.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz
    (chapter 7, page 225) published in year 1991
    by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 * ISBN: 0316181374

  2. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “The world may have to deal with terrorists in order to save lives.

    But the moral scandal is that in addition to
    simply dealing with these terrorists,
    much of the world has HONORED them.

    The standing ovation accorded to Yassir Arafat
    – the architect of international terrorism –
    by many UN [United Nations] representatives
    in Geneva in 1988 will live in infamy.

    The willingness of world statesmen – including
    the Pope and other moral leaders – to treat
    Arafat as a person deserving of tribute
    is beyond moral comprehension.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz
    (chapter 7, page 220) published in year 1991
    by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 ISBN: 0316181374

  3. UN Leader Ban Ki-moon, in Departing Speech,
    Admits Anti-Israel Bias at World Body
    posted on 2016 December 16 by JNS dot org

    (JNS dot org) United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is stepping down at the end of the year, acknowledged in a departing speech that there is “disproportionate” bias against Israel at the world body.

    “We must never accept bias against Israel within U.N. bodies,” Ban said Friday.

    Ban went on to admit that the U.N. has a “disproportionate volume of resolutions, reports and conferences criticizing Israel,” and that “in many cases, rather than helping the Palestinian cause, this reality has hampered the ability of the U.N. to fulfill its role effectively.”

    Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon commended Ban’s statement and noted the disproportionate number of anti-Israel resolutions passed at the U.N. in recent years.

    “The secretary-general admitted the clear truth—the U.N.’s hypocrisy towards Israel has broken records over the past decade. During this time the U.N. passed 223 resolutions condemning Israel while only eight resolutions condemning the Syrian regime as it has massacred its citizens over the past six years. This is absurd,” said Danon.

    At the same time, Ban urged Israeli lawmakers to reconsider the controversial outpost bill, which would legalize Israeli settlements on private Palestinian land.

    “I strongly urge legislators to reconsider advancing this bill, which will have negative legal consequences for Israel and substantially diminish the chances for Arab-Israeli peace,” Ban said.


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