Erdogan: Israel Committing “Massacre” In Gaza

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erdogan-turkeyTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan harshly slammed Israel on Tuesday claiming it is committing a massacre in Palestine in the backdrop of the recent flare-up on the Gaza border area.

Speaking at the Turkish parliament, Erdogan described Gaza as the world’s largest open air prison. He added that Israel is continuing its massacre in Gaza with airstrikes after failing to annihilate it by withholding food and medication.

Ignoring the fact that most of the Palestinian fatalities in the current round of violence were terrorists, Erdogan stated that “twenty-three Gazas lost their lives in the past five days, including children on their way to school.”

He added, “A genocide has been committed slowly but systematically in Palestine since the beginning of the 20th century.”

Erdogan said that “the resistance fighters” were not militants or terrorists, but dissidents who are protecting their rights and their lands.

Erdogan linked violence in the south to anti-Muslim events around the world and addressed the murder of 16 Afghans by a US soldier earlier this week. He said he wished the Afghan and Palestinian fatalities “revenge from Allah.”

He added, “I once more reiterate my call to Israel to end its inhumane attack on Gaza and Palestine’s territories, and I particularly call on Israeli citizens, who are also victims of a genocide, to object to genocide attempts against Palestinians and ask their state to end state terrorism.”

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. “I once more reiterate my call to Turkey to end its inhumane attack on Cyprus and Greek Cypriot’s territories, and I particularly call on Turkey’s citizens, who are also victims of a genocide, to object to genocide attempts against Greek Cypryots and ask their state to end state terrorism.”

  2. If it weren’t Purim season I would laugh! HaShem has struck down Reshaim of this guy’s ilk many times before! It’s amazing how idiots like this fellow are leaders of countries! It’s even a bit scary! It’s even a bit Purimdik that he doesn’t even acknowledge that well over 100 rockets were shot and into civilian areas! NO Mention!!! And the media reports it! Thankfully HaShem is always watching!

  3. At first thought this guy makes me want to vomit, I do think he was using his navigator incorrectly and for all intents and purposes he got Israel on the navigator instead of Syria. And far as who the attacker in Afghanistan was, well the guy had a brain malfunction, but and to compare it to Israel’s act of self defense, is actually quite befiting the likes of Androgan who probably also suffers some basic level of understanding right from wrong. But it’s just hilarious and almost makes one laugh when considering the atrocities and massacres the Turks and Syrians commited and then hear talk about the poor Palestinians suffering so much pain, imprisoned by Israel who probably treats them better then every other regime in the middle east.
    This hypocrisy is so clear, yet some out there try their hardest to try to farenfer to a world so desperate to stop Jews from protecting themselves. And so couldn’t care less that over a million Jews are like ducks, exposed to rockets at any given moments, with the “poor Palestinians, who are officially in the Gazan open air prisoned” the ones to decide when to shoot, and when to call a ceasefire.
    This illogical Anti Semitisim is Hashems personal orchestrating plan, its impossible not to see this. That’s why a write up like this should end off with how clear the meaningless, senseless, hypocritical contradicting opinions of the Western world are so not worthy of an answer. You want an answer dear world, check your brain functional status first, most antisemits today contradict themselves the whole time. it’s all part of Hashems master plan to protect us, and keep us away from assimilation, and making us reminded of our constant Jewish identity.

  4. He aint stupid, but evil he is. He has a clear agenda, to align himself with the anti semites of the world. And its not for nothing Hashem gave him the illness of yene machla. He deserves it, but evil people like him never look past their own 4 amois.


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