Erdogan Says Turkey Starting Initiatives At U.N. To Annul U.S. Decision On Embassy

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Turkey is starting initiatives at the United Nations to annul a decision by the United States to recognize Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

Speaking to crowds gathered in the central Anatolian city of Konya via teleconference, Erdogan said Turkey would first seek annulment of the move in the Security Council, and if that failed it would try at the UN General Assembly. Read more at REUTERS.



    • PM Netanyahu agreed to that humiliation only after President Obama twisted his arm to do so. It didn’t help relations with Turkey, nor did Obama show Netanyahu an iota of additional respect or consideration for his concession. This should’ve surprised nobody, since President Erdogan is a vicious, unrepentant, terror-supporting anti-semite and Obama showed Netanyahu nothing but contempt and disdain throughout his entire eight years in office.

  1. Eardogman is the little leader of Turkey, a country that tried to annihilate all the Armenians and the Kurds. The Turkish women are Kurves and the Turkish men molest little boys. They’re the worst of the worst. Hashem should punish them with a big devastating earthquake.


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