Eric Adams Gets Ear Pierced After Winning NYC Mayoral Primary

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Less than a day has passed since Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was declared the winner in the New York City Democratic mayoral primary and he says he’s already fulfilling a campaign promise.

On Wednesday, the New York Democrat took to Twitter to share footage of him getting one of his ears pierced. The move fulfills a promise Adams said he made to a group of young people he met while campaigning.

“On the campaign trail a group of young people met with my son & me. They asked ‘how do we know you’re not like other politicians who make promises they don’t keep,’” he captioned a video of him receiving the piercing on Wednesday afternoon.

“They said we’ll trust you if you promise to pierce your ear when you win the primary. Promise made, promise kept!” he wrote.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. They said we’ll trust you if you promise to pierce your ear when you win the primary. Promise made, promise kept!” he wrote.

    Oh God. We’re doomed. Adams is as dumb as a brick! Piercing his ears is what’s going to bring our City back???! Piercing his ears is going to stop gun violence in the black community???! Piercing his ears is going to make our subways safe again?! This is what this dimwit considers “promises made promises kept???! What an idiot!

  2. Please Mr. Adams, just pull out that stud and let the thing heal. You kept your promise – now be the man I voted for. Earnings are for women and people who don’t appreciate the gift G-d gave them. Don’t be like them. You’re a cut above!

  3. Whoever wins this election, the bottom line is that NY became unhabitable and our community will have to evacuate. The only question is do we start evacuating now in an unhurried, calm and methodical manner, or do we wait until we don’t have such an option any longer?!

  4. Fulfill reasonable promises? Yes
    Act like a buffoon at his age? No!
    Move over NYC.
    Sounds like a sequel is in the making: Dinkins II
    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    • Because this individual who the askanim are supporting, just proved to everybody that he’s a strong mishgav zachor supporter. With all the important things that have to be done in this City, running to the lowest denominator to have his ears pierced as his first matter of priority, is extremely troubling.


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