Eric Trump: DNC Chairman Is A ‘Nut Job’

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President Trump’s middle son went after Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez on Sunday, disparaging the former Labor Secretary as a “nut job.”

“The DNC is half defunct, they got no money in the bank. They have no operation,” Eric Trump told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” “You look at the head of the DNC, he’s quite frankly a nut job.”

Eric Trump, who is running the family’s real estate business and technically not part of the political operation, echoed his father’s disdain for the Democrats.

“What are they running on? All they are doing is obstructing and it is clearly not working because every race that comes along, every special election that comes along, my father is winning,” Trump said. Read more at NY Post.



  1. Hear oh Israel. What is going on today?

    The men we admire so much in office have offspring so erratic that a comment about a “nut job” is his best wit to the enterprise of a community of political reason.

    We can see that this desperation of the deplorables is loud and deplorable for human liberty.

    A nut job. Is that like the dry day you have to haul 5000 almonds to the best waiter’s dish? Probably Eric Trump is not eating with the best.

    This is clearly the most annoying politics anyone has ever experienced. There is no integrity and Eric’s library card has probably never been used.

    Literacy folks. It makes a human faith.


  2. Because the Democrats only care about “feelings” and “emotions”. First black President, first female President, first Hispanic Chairman, first transgender congressman, etc…. It’s always about touchy feely “labels”.
    They are completely lost. They have no platform. No vision. No true support of their ideas. No way to help the middle-class put bread on their table. They have allowed the Thought Police to take over their Party! They can thank Eric Holder and his freinds in the msm for that.


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