Esther Pollard: Jonathan Rushed to Emergency Operation, Doctor Said He Almost Died


jonathan-pollardIn an interview with Kol Yisrael Radio News’ Mark Weiss, Esther Pollard reported that her husband was very ill with a life-threatening condition, and that he had recently been rushed to the hospital just in time.

The interview was conducted in English on February 8 in light of the recent letter by former Vice President Dan Quayle to President Obama urging that he commute Pollard’s sentence to time served and release him. Transcript of the interview follows:

KOL YISRAEL: In response to the letter by Dan Quayle calling for Jonathan Pollard’s release, do you think the Obama administration will be influenced by Dan Quayle’s call?

ESTHER POLLARD: All I can tell you is that I’m hoping and praying that all of the appeals that have been made will carry sufficient weight together to open President Obama’s heart because I’m scared to death… I’m scared to death that we are racing against the clock; we are racing against time. Jonathan is very, very ill. [Voice starts breaking with emotion] and although we are very encouraged by all of the support, by all of the calls for his release, I’m terrified to death that they may all come too late…I’m
sorry [Apologizes for crying].

[Regaining control, but still very emotional] It is not very long ago – it is just a matter of a couple of weeks ago, Jonathan was rushed to the hospital where he had an emergency operation and when he recovered, the doctor told him that if they had hesitated any longer in bringing him in, he would have been dead within 24 hours. We had an absolute miracle that he survived. And that he is still surviving. I don’t know how much longer we can go on depending on miracles…

KOL YISRAEL: Now last month as we know, Prime Minister Netanyahu made a public call in the Knesset, to President Obama to release Jonathan on humanitarian grounds. As far as you know, what response has Israel received to this public call?

ESTHER POLLARD: I haven’t heard of any response, because if there were a response [begins crying again] Jonathan would be home… and we wouldn’t have to be in this absolute terror, that it is just going to be too late… I’m sorry [Apologizes for crying]… it’s very hard…

KOL YISRAEL: Ok Esther, we will leave it there. We got the message…


KOL YISRAEL: We are all thinking of you.

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  1. Look at the mesiras nefesh of Esther Pollard. She never gave up on her husband and stands by him and is so close to him even though they can’t be together because he is locked up in prison. We should all learn from her what it means to be dedicated to ones spouse!

  2. The KneidleMaker should stuff kneidels instead sticking his ignorant nose into Jonathan Pollard’s affairs, about which he knows nothing.
    Watch this short video, see what Congressman Anthony Weiner has to say about Pollard’s chances of parole and about the impediment imposed by the DOJ which prevents his attorneys from filing a petition for him. See And if you watch the video and you still don’t get it, it has more to do with mean-spirited sinat chinam than it does with the facts, Mr. Kneidel-stuffer.

  3. Mr. Zee, rather than making ad hominem remarks on me I suggest you read the facts about parole and clemency without watching slickly produced propaganda films. Yes, Polard’s chance of parole are not that perfect but they are much better than his chances of getting clemency. You can find the rules and statistics for both on the DOJ websites. To not apply for parole at all is extremely foolish because it guarantees hi chances of it is reduced to 0%. He can try for clemency simultaneously.

  4. You’re the one who doesn’t get it David Zeero. You insulted and expressed Sinat Chinam for Kneidler simply for pointing out statistics. Did he say anything nasty about Pollard? No, he did not. You owe him an apology.


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