Esther Pollard Livid at Peres for Statement About Obama

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shimon-peresFor many years now, Esther Pollard has had a lot of reasons to be upset at Shimon Peres. Now, she has another one: It’s a foolish comment by Shimon.

Speaking at the Ben Gurion Prize Awards in Tel Aviv, Peres praised the administration in Washington, saying: “There is no Israeli request that President [Barack] Obama has not responded to (favorably).”

Esther Pollard responded: “Particularly at this time when my husband is about to enter year 29 in prison, your words Mr. President, were like a knife in my heart,” she wrote. “How can you dismiss Jonathan as if he does not exist? How can I tell this to Jonathan without devastating him? It would destroy what little is left of his health and morale to hear.”

Esther Pollard told Peres that American officials had told her that if he would make a serious and unequivocal request for her husband’s release, Obama would respond favorably. She said she saw his statements Thursday and her husband’s continued incarceration as proof Peres had not made a serious request.

“Should I tell Jonathan you have now confirmed what we have feared all along – that there never was a serious, compelling request for Jonathan’s release?” she asked. “That the issue really isn’t a priority for you? That you seem to have made it clear that as far as you are concerned, Jonathan is as good as dead, G-d forbid!”

She urged Peres to “invest your full stature in a just and humane compelling appeal” to Obama to release her husband.

“I am not asking you, Mr. President for fancy declarations or public pronouncements,” she wrote. “The only thing that will prove to us that you have done what you need to do is Jonathan will be here.”

{Israel Matzav/ Newscenter}


  1. Nothing new here.

    Esther Pollard is actually livid at EVERYONE . . .

    Ms. Pollard is livid at every Israeli Prime Minister of Israel, Likud and Labor . . .

    Ms. Pollard is livid at every American President, Democrat and Republican . . .

    And she has a right to be.

  2. I don’t know what kind of values this prez has. Definitely not the values that the president of the Jewish state has to have. Human lives are -apparently – not on his priority list. His delusion of a new middle east – however is. I hope Mr. Pollard will son be see the light of day and live the long, long ordeal behind him despite selfish “leaders” LIKE THIS PREZ.

  3. This prez – among other things – sent Pollard to his mission and later helped the Americans to indict him. I don’t know how can he live with himself. I don’t know how this lowlife holds the post that he holds. Something very serious is rotten in the state of Israel


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