Estimated 5,000 Women Attend Bais Medrash Govoah Annual Tea & Chinese Auction


bmg-smallRenowned for its outstanding décor, delicious food and an outstanding program, the Annual Tea of the Women’s Organization of Bais Medrash Govoah, in Lakewood, NJ, otherwise known as “The Yeshiva Tea,” is an assured promise of an enjoyable evening and a chance to meet with friends. More than this, the tea offers the opportunity for every woman in town to express her heartfelt gratitude for the primary role the yeshiva plays in her life. In a sense, the tea provides the neshei chayil of the community with the same opportunity to say ‘thank you’ as the Annual Evening of Chizuk in the spring affords their husbands.

And this doesn’t mean only the wives of the yeshiva yungeleit. Not everyone has a husband in yeshiva, or even a son or a grandson. But it’s very possible that one’s child’s rebbi, one’s neighbor’s husband, or one’s favorite retailer is an alumnus of BMG, and one is constantly benefiting from the staunch Torah values he gained there. In truth, no one can live in this celebrated Ihr HaTorah without being aware that the yeshiva is its inner core, the stimulus and cause of its development and success. The shuls, the schools and the stores are all an outgrowth of the presence of BMG and bear its stamp. Even the overall atmosphere of Lakewood makes one aware that it’s a yeshiva town.

The annual tea was held last night at Lake Terrace Hall and featured a sumptuous milchige buffet and an exquisite Chinese auction.

An estimated 5,000 women attended the gala event.

The program began with Rebbetzin Rischel Kotler delivering welcoming remarks. The guest speaker was Rebbetzin Eta Neuman, wife of the rosh yeshiva, Rav Yisroel Neuman. 

At the event, an inspiring video presentation by Etka Gittel Schwartz titled “A Day in the Life of a Lakewood Wife” was shown.

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