Even Palestinians Are Horrified: Fatah Leader Requests That Ansbacher Killer Receive Zero Pension

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A Fatah official serving a prison sentence in Israel reportedly condemned killer Arafat Irfaiya’s murder of Ori Ansbacher last month and asked that the PA refuse paying any salary to the victim’s family or for his defense.

“Such behavior is totally unacceptable to us. Anyone who commits such acts is not a human being,”the Fatah official told Haaretz.”If an Arab girl had been there, he would have done the same thing. There is nothing nationalist in his acts.”

The PA provides Palestinians imprisoned in Israel on security-related charges (and their families) with financial support as part of a policy critics refer to as “pay for slay.”

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  1. But you may be missing something: his main point is to say the murder was not “nationalistic.” But if it was nationalistic (i.e against Israel) maybe he would recommend pension.

  2. Fatah official had no problem with his murdering her.
    Had he done just that, murder would have been celebrated and pension would have been approved.

    Fatah issue is that he also raped her.
    That’s their issue.


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