Everything you need to know about Coronavirus

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There has been an epidemic of coronavirus in China in the past couple of months. What is it? It is a name given to a vast family of viruses, which leads to illness that could lead to something as trivial as the common cold or something more severe as SARS. Christened as the COVID-19, it is a relatively new disease that wasn’t previously known or found in humans.  


In this disease, you’ll experience discomfort in the respiratory system, which will lead to prolonged conditions like lung lesions and pneumonia. 

It is believed to have jumped from bats to humans via an unknown animal in the Wuhan city of China. So, primarily, the only way to protect yourself from catching COVID-19 is by being aware of the key symptoms of the disease. 


Here, in this article, we will take you through the early warning signs of coronavirus that you should be aware of. So, seek the requisite help and take measures to protect yourself from it. 


Early warning signs

The early symptoms of coronavirus include: 

  • Prolonged cough
  • Running Nose
  • High fever
  • Sore throat
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in breathing


Mia, who offers online assignment help, says that most of the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to the other respiratory illnesses such as common cold and the flu. However, the experts have noted that this strain is possibly going to trigger fever and cough. They also warn that such conditions can progress further, and the victims can acquire some serious complications. Some of these complications are swelling in the lungs and pneumonia. These can make it difficult for your lungs to pass on the oxygen to the bloodstream. As a result, it can even lead to death and organ failure. In severe cases of pneumonia, people can die with a massive amount of fluid flooding into their lungs. 


When will you see the symptoms of coronavirus?

Kylie, who offers online statistics homework help services, says that this virus is communicated from one person to another in droplets from sneezing and coughing. It can even spread by shaking hands or touching. 


You will notice the symptoms of coronavirus in between two to ten days after having acquired or contracted the virus. 


When should you visit a doctor?

Brian, who offers online write my essay services, says that if you have recently toured in or around Hubei or Wuhan in China, or any other area in proximity, which is just as affected, or you have been in contact with someone who has or feels unwell, then you should seek a medical advice.   


Further, if you have recently planned a travel to other parts of China, such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, or Malaysia, in the past 2 weeks, and experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should immediately call NHS 111 and seek advice.  


How close should you be to acquire a virus from an infected person?

Lily, who offers online research paper writing service, says that if you are anywhere, within two meters of someone for over 15 minutes, or share a room with someone for a prolonged period, there is a strict chance of you have acquired the virus too.  


What should you do?

Firstly, NHS requests every person infected with coronavirus to stay indoors. You should avoid contact with people as much as possible. Maria, who offers online CDR writing services, says that if you have acquired coronavirus, you become a carrier too. So, it is best to stay in seclusion to avoid the virus from spreading to others. 


Further, you don’t have to straight up go to a doctor for surgery. If you do that, you are likely to spread the bug there too. Hence, if you need any help or advice, you should call NHS 111. 


If you experience discomforts like high temperature, cough, or breathlessness, you should stick to the advice that we just listed above. In any case, without getting advice from a doctor, you shouldn’t leave your house. 


What should I do to protect myself? 

Sonia, who did an excellent ProWritingAid review online, says that the best possible way to prevent catching any form of coronavirus is by practicing good hygiene. Thus, to reduce the risk of infection, you should ensure the following:

  1. Firstly, wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. 
  2. Secondly, do not touch your mouth, eyes, or nose, with unsanitized or unwashed hands. 
  3. Thirdly, stay away from people who are sick. 


If you are experiencing any cold-like symptoms, you have to do your best to protect others by staying at home. Further, avoid contact with others as much as possible. You should also ensure that you cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Every time you use a tissue, you have to carefully wrap it and throw it in the garbage bin. Once you do that, wash and sanitize your hands. Also, you have to ensure that you disinfect and clean all the surfaces and objects that you may have touched.  


How can you treat the virus?

As of now, there’s no relevant antiviral treatment available for coronavirus. However, you can seek a definite relief from the symptoms of the virus. 


Can I get a coronavirus vaccine?

At present, there’s no vaccine of coronavirus available. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) Scientists are currently working on devising a vaccination for the virus ever since the authorities in China have made the genetic sequence of the virus available to the public. Chad, who offers the best digital marketing course online, says that if truth be told, the vaccination of the coronavirus wouldn’t be available for the general public for a couple of months, at minimum.  


The Bottom Line

To ward off all types of viruses, it is important to take good care of your hygiene. So, take due measures to not only protect yourselves but also the people around you. Now, if you have any more questions or queries regarding coronavirus, you can write about them to us in the comment section below. Our team of experts will try their best to resolve your queries at the earliest.


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