Ex-CIA Analyst: Putin ‘Staged’ Prigozhin’s Coup Attempt

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According to The National Pulse, a former CIA analyst has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin “staged” the attempted coup led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group, as a strategic move to consolidate his political influence.

Rebekah Koffler, a former analyst from the Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA who hails from Russia, asserted that Putin’s actions were aimed at garnering support for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Koffler expressed skepticism regarding Prigozhin’s sudden change of plans and his decision to strike a deal with the Kremlin, stating, “What has changed… in the last few hours? All of a sudden, [Prigozhin] decided to turn his troopers around and made this deal? No, this is all staged,” as reported by The National Pulse.

Moreover, Koffler suggested that Prigozhin’s apparent rebellion was intended to convey a message to President Joe Biden and the United States.

“[To] demonstrate to President Biden that, no, Russia is not a threat,” Koffler remarked. “Russia is actually… involved in its own domestic turmoil. But this is all a classic distraction and classic Putin.”

The purportedly formidable challenge to Putin’s more than two-decade-long rule ultimately fizzled out after Prigozhin abruptly reached an agreement with the Kremlin, opting to go into exile and ordering his troops to retreat on Saturday.

Although Prigozhin’s forces swiftly advanced towards Moscow, he refrained from directly criticizing Putin, emphasizing his goal of ousting what he considered a corrupt and inept Russian defense establishment that undermined his forces fighting in Ukraine.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin affirmed on Monday that the country had faced “a challenge to its stability” and stressed the importance of unity behind Putin in the aftermath of the failed mutiny led by heavily armed mercenaries.

The Washington Post revealed that U.S. intelligence had prior knowledge weeks in advance about the uprising by Russian mercenaries associated with Prigozhin’s Wagner Group. Consequently, preparations were made for potential scenarios, including concerns about the safety of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

According to The National Pulse, U.S. intelligence agencies believe that Putin was aware of the Wagner rebellion even before the events unfolded on Friday. However, the agencies remain perplexed by Putin’s lack of action and his willingness to accept a deal brokered by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko, which facilitated Prigozhin’s exile to Belarus.

As part of the reported agreement, Prigozhin has agreed to seek refuge in Belarus.



  1. The first part is correct that this was staged. The second part which is WHY it was staged is wrong in my opinion. They just moved troops to the north of Ukraine without any counter move from Ukraine and they are free to attack Ukraine from a new side. Give it a week or two for everyone to forget about this and then they will attack Ukraine from Belarus side.
    History repeats itself over and over. Typical Russian move.

  2. Ex-CIA Analyst: Putin ‘Staged’ Prigozhin’s Coup Attempt. How did the CIA know 2 weeks earlier?


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