Ex-CIA Chief Morell: Hillary Didn’t Lie About Benghazi

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Ex-CIA acting director Michael Morell said today on ABC News’ “This Week” that Hillary Clinton’s assertion to the grieving mother of a Benghazi, Libya, victim that the deadly 2012 assault was caused by an anti-Islam video was as “true” as the fact it was a terror strike.

Morell said “the video did play a role in that attack, and Republicans don’t want people to believe that… She said [the attack] was terrorism to Chelsea [Clinton]. She said to [the families of Benghazi victims] it was the video. Those two things can both be true at the same time.




  1. Just give them enough time and they’ll find a way to make her honest they’ll forget about the brain short circuit and white water and Vince foster and the emails just need a good eraser to make it all go away

  2. hey michael, you’d make a great spin meister! i know a well known 68 year old female politician who could use someone like you. just go easy on your fees, ok?


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