Ex DHS Official: Trump Wanted to Swap Puerto Rico For Greenland

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Many people resigned from the Trump administration, because they understood that President Donald Trump’s “worst impulses can’t be ameliorated,” former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor told “MSNBC Live” on Wednesday.

Taylor gave an example where Trump “wanted to see if we could sell Puerto Rico, ‘could we swap Puerto Rico for Greenland,’ because, in his words, ‘Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor,’” adding that “the fact that the President of the United States wanted to take a U.S. territory to Americans and swap it for a foreign country is beyond galling, but this was a real thing.”

When asked why he is only now coming out to voice his opposition to what went on while he was in the administration years ago, Taylor explained that many people thought Trump’s “misguided impulses could be ameliorated. We were proven decisively wrong. The president’s worst impulses can’t be ameliorated, and I think what you did see was a lot of people resign from the administration because of that.”

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  1. Clearly, this guy is out of his mind! Trump was “seriously” trying to swap Puerto Rico for Greenland? And that desire couldn’t be ameliorated? Did anyone else hear about this unappeasable desire of the President? Or did perhaps CNN drop it from the front-and-center news of the day? Have we done the swap yet?
    This article is really not newsworthy.

  2. I never believed that Trump Derangement Syndrome was real but seeing some of the outrageous accusations coming out against him and how easily they are swallowed I’m starting to do so.

    Note: I am NOT a Trump supporter.

  3. Trump, again, has so clearly shown the world that these guys are sick hypocrites. These are the same guys that want (territorially tiny) Israel to give up even more territory than it has already given up, yet they themselves couldn’t stomach even a minor change (to their own advantage yet!)

  4. Don’t believe it.President Trump did offer to buy Greenland, which would be a good investment but Denmark would never want to “swap”.


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