Matzav Photos: At the Scene of Today’s Stabbing On Rechov Hanevi’im in Yerushalayim

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stabbing (6)

stabbing (1) stabbing (2) stabbing (3) stabbing (4) stabbing (5)

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It is not necessary to post picture of injured terrorist, which is designed to arouse our mercy for a bloodthirsty animal. Defeats the purpose. Please remove it.

  2. Thanks for posting these graphic pictures.
    So sad, but at least the Israeli police ARE shooting to kill these murderous monsters: typically, and all too often, they’re pacifists.

  3. Notice that theres a man trying to persuade him to stop. Seemingly a palestinian, for the terrorist isnt reacting aggressivly.
    Its important to be aware that some palestinian israelis ARE interested in peace, and although we must always be cautious and be “CHASHDAIHU”, saying things like “Mavet L’arabim” is wrong and just causes more hatred. Not to mention attacks by jews against people that were not proven to bode murderous intent against us.

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