MATZAV.COM EXCLUSIVE: $1.6 Billion Powerball Winner Received Ticket from Employer Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz

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powerballFIRST REPORT: Los Angeles, CA – It was a small, kind gesture, extended by Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz to his thousands of employees, who each received a Powerball ticket from their philanthropic boss. Reb Shlomo Yehuda  hoped, but never dreamed, that one of his employees would be a Powerball winner.

Reb Shlomo Yehuda took it upon himself to give all the employees and residents at the 80 facilities he owns a chance at the one and a half billion dollar Powerball jackpot.

One of the employees is a registered nurse at Park Avenue Healthcare & Wellness Centre in Pomona.

Today, learned exclusively that the employee, a 62-year-old mother of seven, is one of three winners of the whopping $1.6 billion Powerball lottery.

rechnitzReb Shlomo Yehuda seems to be blessed with the fortune of being connected to good things and positive happenings all the time. In this case, one of Reb Shlomo Yehuda’s nursing home administrators, Dudi Levi, confirmed to that a nurse in a nursing home under his management is one of the three Powerball winners.

The winning ticket was purchased in Chino Hills, a short drive from where the nurse works night shifts.

The Park Avenue facility received 600 tickets, with one line of numbers on each ticket, via FedEx on Wednesday morning. Staff members then passed them out to workers and clients.

A half hour after the winning numbers were announced last night, the nurse received a call from her children, who told her to check her ticket. She pulled out her ticket to check her numbers – and then paused. She was delirious with joy when two fellow nurses verified that she indeed possessed the winning numbers. This morning, the nurse’s family seemed to deny the victory, perhaps afraid of the chaotic publicity that would ensue, but Mr. Levi confirmed to that she is indeed one of the three victors.

Dudi said that despite winning, the nurse finished her shift last night and didn’t go home until 11:30 p.m.

Dudi said it was unclear whether the nurse’s winning ticket was the one purchased by Rechnitz.

Powerball officials said this morning that three winning tickets were sold for the $1.6 billion jackpot. California Lottery officials announced that a winning ticket – the one in possession of Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz’s employee – was sold at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, located just east of Los Angeles. In Tennessee, lottery officials say a winning ticket was sold in the northern Memphis suburb of Munford. The third ticket was sold in Florida.

The winning numbers were: 4, 8, 19. 27, 34, with a Powerball of 10. The multiplier was 2X.

The winner has one year from Wednesday’s drawing to contact lottery officials.

Each winner will receive $327.8 million before taxes if they opt for the lump-sum payment, lotto officials said.

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  1. dOES THIS NURSE KNOW ABOUT MAAASER? Can i get in on the act?
    by the way, the numerical value (gematria) of the powerball winning numbers – 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and PB 10 – is 102, which is the gematria of emunah

  2. ” perhaps afraid of publicity, but Mr. Levi confirmed to that she is indeed one of the three victors”

    Oh, ok. They want secrecy but yet they tell Matzav so it can be all over the internet. hmmm. Something very strange about this story. Also, I didn’t know that whenever something dramatic happens in their life, the fist place they turn to is Hmmm. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you & I wont charge you tax.

  3. Wow wow wow

    Would love a small share in your great prizes feel gr8 for u

    If yiu feel generous please call me on 07936336989
    To give me a sum of your winnings
    Looking forwards
    Thanks alot

  4. I know Shlomo Yehuda personally ,
    I think he is a tzadik !!
    That being said the way your website always follows every action that he does it’s kind of childish !

  5. To Moshe: There is no Lo Sichanaim. First how do you know the recipient is not Jewish ? Even if not giving a worker a bonus is not Lo Sichonaim. Also it is an inyan of Kovod for a Zokain Goy.

    You say you are not jealous ?

  6. I heard Rechnitz pledged to donate 10 million dollars to Oorah- but only if he wins the powerball.
    Oorah was collect ing powerball pledges in advance of the lottery drawing on Wednesday-and they were taking the pledges seriously! “We plan on collecting your pledge after you win, make sure your pledge is sincere”,
    Hey, I think I’ll top rechnitz’s donation

  7. I have the sam question, how come you buy 25,000 lottery tickets in a 7-11 out of town? something is funny here althought i buy the story…
    Maybe Rechnitz with his big heart wanted to boost sales at the 7-11 so he bought them there…

  8. There is something spectacularly wrong with an administrator outing an employee like this despite her protestations to the contrary, especially in an industry where confidentiality is paramount.
    If this story is true, the administrator should be fired for violating the employee like this.

  9. One of three winners of the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot won with a ticket given to her as a gift by her employer — businessman and philanthropist Shlomo Rechnitz, according to Rechnitz spokesman Joshua Nass.
    The apparent winner, who has not yet been publically identified, is reportedly an employee of Park Avenue Healthcare & Wellness Center in Pomona. The manager of the nursing facility was not immediately available for comment.
    On Tuesday, Nass said, Rechnitz bought just under 18,000 Powerball tickets (at $2 each), giving one to each of his employees and residents.

  10. The zchus of being a mekadesh shem shamayim is… even bigger Kiddush shem shamayim! The entire world will be talking about the middos tovos of a ben Torah! Yasher Koach Reb Shlomo Yehudah.

    Now, it would seem only fair to ask the employee to tithe her winnings and let the Rechnitz Foundation give out the tzedaka. After all, they know how to handle charitable funds and the winner will be free to say to one and all “I have nothing to give out. That is being handled by the Rechnitz Foundation”.

    A win-win for all!

  11. Hashem loves Shlomo Yehuda. We do as well. He’s a shliach min hashomayim to be makadesh sheim Hashem and he does a great job. He should be blessed with every good thing bli ayin hora.

  12. brilliant manipulation by Matzav of the whole world. Yippee, so you got the NY Post and Ny Daily News to copy your story. Yay. Fools.

  13. Why would this frum guy waste $30,000 on tickets for workers when he can marry of 5 kallahs in Israel, pay for 10 Yeshiva tiurions.. something

  14. 27…
    He does way more than you are asking….
    Do you know anything about the man? Because based on you comment, you make no sense… You can do both…


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