Exclusive: Watch: Officers Chase Bochurim From Mall Lot, “I’ll Be Glad to Lock Somebody Up”

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A few bochurim who were relaxing this Motzoei Shabbos at The Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, New York, found themselves being asked by police officers to move from parking lot to parking lot without being told why.

After moving to a second parking lot, the officers once again began to harass the bochurim, claiming that the mall was closed, despite the fact that while the stores close at varying hours, the mall remains open. The mall security guard had explicitly told the bochurim that it was okay for them to remain in their cars in the mall lot – “even all night – but the officers appeared to feel otherwise.

In exclusive footage obtained by Matzav.com, at one point, an officer can be heard threatening, “The handcuffs are coming out next. I’ve got nothing better to do tonight. I’ll be glad to lock somebody up. You better leave.”

After a person in the car asked the officer why he was being forced to leave, the officer said that he was “interfering with a police operation.”

“This guy doesn’t…speak English,” said the officer, using an expletive.

Again the officer said, “Handcuffs are coming out. Your choice. Your choice.”

One of the officers then accused the bochurim of not wearing seatbelts.

A bochur explained that they weren’t driving and the car was in park.

“Engine’s running. Keys are in the ignition,” countered the cop. “You’re operating a motor vehicle.

When a bochur referenced the officer’s comment about having nothing better to do, stating that he’s “bored,” the officer lost it and bellowed, “I am not bored! I’m busy right now and you’re getting in our way. It is time for you to leave.”

Ultimately, the bochurim decided to give up arguing and decided to leave, still having no idea why they were being chased away from the mall without reason.




  1. was i supposed to look at the cop as wrong? because to me the bochuer seems very immature
    If i cop tells you to move, you keep your mouth shut and move on.

  2. It’s about time that police learn how to communicate normally and not lose their cool because someone asked them a question.
    these guys dont have the right temperament to be in law enforcement.

  3. Their response should have been: “Sorry officer, we didn’t realize that we couldn’t hang out here. We’ll leave right away.” End of story!

  4. At first I thought the police were right, but if you listen carefully, they revealed their true intent when they mentioned the seatbelt issue, which is ridiculous. No matter what, there was no seatbelt violation, because the car was stationary in a parking lot. When the police charged the boys with this, they exposed their nefarious intentions. They had no intention other than to harass these guys.

  5. He should have asked for his badge number and filed a complaint against the officer. If he got arrested then he should have sued.

  6. These lots are PRIVATE PROPERTY! In the first instance — regardless of the hour — shopping mall parking lots across the U.S. are for CUSTOMERS ONLY! Non-customers are, technically, TRESPASSING, and the shop owners depend on mall security and/or local police to make sure the lots do not become hangouts for the general non-shopping public.

  7. The arrogance of the cops is so transparent. They should be put on a leave of absence till they learn how to deal with people. let them deal with real criminals instead of bothering innocent people.

  8. We need police and should be respectful of their requests. Frankly, I don’t understand why Matzav posts this video without condemnation of the boys’ behavior, particularly at this time when police are under scrutiny throughout the U.S.

  9. It`s children like this that cause us to have Ferguson`s altz kumpt mir.
    Listen to the cop and don`t be an ibber chuchem.
    They are not the Gestapo.

  10. Thats right, report a lop sided story without the full facts. Funny how the Police never end up harassing me . If you listen and dont give problems then cops will leave you alone. If you try to be a smart alec like these ” bochurim” were being then they are asking for trouble. ” Relaxing in a parking lot, what were Bochurim doing in mall parking lot late at night anyways?

  11. The cops should, firstly, watch their language.
    Secondly, they should never EVER EVER say that they “would be glad to lock someone up.” Or that they have nothing to do. How shameful. These are the people protecting us?

  12. Perhaps the police did have a reason but chose not to share it with the boys? Maybe they were in the middle of busting a ring of mall thieves? catching drug pushers? Maybe their behavior looked suspicious to the police?
    Maybe the bochurim were just relaxing and not bothering anybody and the police were being obnoxious for the fun of it–but not every interaction that doesn’t go our way is anti-semitic.

  13. The cops blew this one badly. I know this issue well. There is nothing wrong with being at the mall. It is open 24/7. The cops there are always looking for trouble.

    • So you “know this issue well” but get EVERYTHING wrong! Google “Palisades Center Mall”. Firstly, the parking lot is private property reserved for shoppers. Secondly, they are NOT a 24/7 operation! Weekday closing time is 9:30 pm; 7:00 pm on Sunday. Thirdly, their website specifically states: “No overnight parking is allowed at this time.” So much for your “24/7 nonsense. Finally, the cop was polite but firm…but the bochur was extremely disrespectful right from the start. As usual, so many commenters here simply have no idea what they’re talking about. Very sad.

  14. First we’ll deal with the anti-Semitic, egotistical cops. Then we’ll deal w/ bochurim hanging out in mall parking lots in the middle of the night.

  15. Is Matzav the Daily News?
    You post things just to get click bait and rile up people? This kid should have been arrested.

  16. Why start up? When the police tell you to do something you do it. If you don’t cooperate you can find yourself in very hot water.
    That said, I hope the askanim show the video of this incident to the police agency involved so that proper action can be taken to avoid future incidents.

  17. שנאת ישראל


    בין המצרים

    We are sometimes sent reminders.

    Can’t argue with such low chevreh. You have to speak to someone higher up.

  18. All the people slamming the boys are missing the boat! The cops had no right to tell them to leave. The cops had no right not to explain why they were asking them to move, making up some bogus exucuse about police matters. The cops were way out of line and should be prosecuted. i hope an investigating is launched. they should be able to find which officers were doing duty at the Palisades mall on Motzoei Shabbos.

  19. I see a few posters simply do not understand their rights as a citizen of USA. As a citizen you are endowed with rights, such as not having to bend over just because a police officer informs you. The bochurim have every right to ask them of what crime they are being accused of. A mall is private property and any motor vehicle law does not apply on private property.
    If the mall security asked them to leave, then they will be required to leave, but this is not the case.

  20. To give an objective reporting of this story, why not reproduce some of the bochur’s argument? “Show me where it’s written…” “Who knows the law here? You know it?” “I don’t want to [annoy] you, but…” Whenever someone says “I don’t want to [annoy] you,” they do.

  21. Police tend to go after the weakest and smallest.

    if there were attorneys sitting in the car , they would have backed off pretty quick.

    These boys should file a complain, they have enough footage to identify the officers.

  22. Sorry, the boys should have left. There was no reason for the boys being so argumentative with the cops. Why couldn’t the boys have said,
    “I’m so sorry to trouble you, officer. Is it OK if I just speak with myy friend here, in the deserted, dark parking lot?”
    If the officer would rightfully ask him why he wouod like to stay there, the bochur would have to provide a honest and reasonable answer. At that point, if the officer would not have any reason to see their behavior as suspicious, they would probably allow them to stay. But until that happened, the boy’s defiant behavior was wrong.

  23. I’m no fan of the police but (1)The policeman clearly told him that he is interfering with a police operation by remaining there. I don’t know if it was true but when you told that by a cop it is time to go(2)In NJ, if you have a key in the ignition you are considered operating a motor vehicle, even if you are in park.(3) The cop was no tzadik but he bocher was also clearly looking for a fight.

  24. Unbelievable!! Seriously, where do today’s youth have such a cavalier attitude towards avoiding “chillul hashem”?? Who cares why or for what reason, if any, the officers asked them to move on? Is it really that important to be stubborn, adamant and confrontational when the youth themselves obviously didn’t have anything else to do either? Why are there children being raised to be disrespectful and blatantly causing others to have grievances and/or provide additional fuel to the ever burning fire of “eisav sonei es yaakov”? The issue of whether the officers had legitimate reason to ask them to move is totally irrelevant to the story. The crux of the issue is the lousy attitude and entitled feelings

  25. I found the youngsters to be actually be very intelligent, clear and articlulate, whereas the cops sounded like ruffians, gruff, crass and unintelligent, resorting to expletives. They are grown men who should be ashemd of themselves. The boys had every right to be there. Shame on the police. They should be investigated.

  26. At the top it all off everybody over here is arguing what he should do to file a complaint or……. where is the simple common sense

  27. I found the boys very respectful.The cops attitude was disgusting.They were clearly anti Semite, shame on anyone for screaming at innocent boys getting harassed by angry cops. it is sickining to get harassed by power hungry people all day.And i dont understand anyone saying that you can get arested for not moving when a cop tells you to.

  28. Palisades mall in particular has many activities that stay open until very late. They have a Dave and busters etc that are open until midnight or later

  29. I say we start a new movement to defend the rights of bochrim everywhere and keep them safe from police with nefarious intentions. Let’s call it – black and white lives matter.

  30. This is typical chutzpah that many kids have today. The fact that a cop carries a gun and can lock you up is reason enough when he tells you to move you move without smart alleck talk back. Cops are very tightly wound up and who could blame them. Next time just apologize even if you did nothing wrong and move on.


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