Execution Date Set For Jewish Prisoner In Texas


Dallas County Judge Lela Mays on Wednesday approved an Oct. 10 death date for Randy Halprin, a Jewish prisoner sent to death row for his role in a 2000 prison escape and crime spree that left dead Irving police Officer Aubrey Hawkins.

Now 41, Halprin and six other men took hostages in December of 2000 and broke out of the Connally Unit south of San Antonio, fleeing  to Houston in a getaway van where they pulled off two robberies to stock up on supplies, guns and money.

On Christmas Eve, the escapees held up an Oshman’s sporting goods store in Irving – and Hawkins, who was the first officer who responded to the call was shot 11 times and dragged 10 feet by an SUV as the panicked prisoners fled with $70,000 and 44 guns.

Aside from Halprin, only one other Texas 7 prisoner who’d been sentenced to die – Patrick Murphy – is still alive on death row. The others have all been executed.

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  1. approved an Oct. 10 death date So he can spend the last full day of his life, the very day before, repenting on Yom-haKippurim.

  2. It’s a little hard to feel very sympathetic to this prisoner, albeit that he apparently has a Yiddishe neshama. His crimes are truly extremely serious and quite horrendous!
    He was hardly a tzaddik before this incident. Halprin, then 23, was serving 30 years for injury to a child. He beat up a baby because, he said, the infant would not stop crying. He had met the mother in a homeless shelter in 1996 and then lived with the family. Baby suffered broken arms and legs and a fractured skull.

      • the Zionist state has done more for judiasm then you probably ever will!…….Do you think so? Look at my name, Yosele Pondrek. I turned almost as many Jews away from Judaism than Reform, which is a non-Jewish, phony religion and Zionism which is an anti-Torah movement.

  3. No guarantee he really is Jewish-he was adopted at 5 1/2 years old by a Jewish family-not religious.
    May or may not be jewish

  4. His problem is he wasn’t a wealthy elite from the Deep State / Cabal whom the Sodomite Justice System tolerated the murder and “sacrifice” of as many children as they wanted without a hitch. Thank you President Trump for shutting the borders and stopping the human trafficking of wealthy elites and political criminals and arresting those murderers.

  5. What happened to al todin es chavercha ad shetagiya limkomo? All these posters who have been handed a different set of upbringing and circumstance and nature, all haughtily professing their lack of sympathy for another human being with a very challenging life. The Shechina says about the death of evil- doers Kalani Meroshi, kalani mezro’i, I feel pain for their death. Yet these posters all feel no pain.

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