Expert: COVID-19 May Never Be Eradicated but May Be Controlled

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A leading expert on infectious diseases says that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, will not go away any time soon. Instead, it will become endemic, according to Hans Heesterbeek, professor of theoretical epidemiology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. An endemic disease, like measles or malaria, is always present in a population.

Heesterbeek, writing for The Conversation, said that even when vaccines become available “there is sufficient fuel for the fire to keep burning for some time.” When enough people become immune to COVID-19, either by vaccination or infection, the numbers will slow down, he said, but will not go away completely.

According to The Washington Post, while we can count on the persistence of the virus in the future, the situation will not be as dire as it is today. Experts point out that we have four endemic coronaviruses globally, including the common cold, and predict that SARS-CoV-2 will become the fifth.

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  1. This report is referring to Covid as a term for all sicknesses, illness and injuries. Well, of course, all the sicknesses in the world will never be controlled until Moshiach comes. Lockdowns will never be able to shoot out infected lungs or put people’s breath back or put oxygen back into the blood when they foolishly wear masks for longer than 3 minutes.

    However, this report is referring to the Covid that they’re trying to eradicate – i.e. the Deep Sate and Cabal who’ve been infecting the world for centuries and in the current century have committed heinous crimes against children. Millions have b”H been arrested during Covid with most of their leaders eradicated – even though the media is covering it up.

  2. Like most other diseases. How many illnesses have actually been successfully eradicated by vaccination or otherwise, or become fully treatable with medication? Have you forgotten the measles spike, because a few percent more than the minimum necessary no longer were immune due to concerns about the safety of the vaccines? (Please note, the measles vaccine, however safe or potentially unsafe it us, is still a lot safer than these rushed vaccines that will be rolled out in the coming year or two, but people will still take it because they’re scared of Sars-Covid-19. We’re not scared of the measles anymore because so few people actually get really sick and/or die since the widespread use of the vaccine. In other words, it may take decades to achieve herd immunity to Sars-Covid-19, but it might never happen without a major, aggressive, worldwide immunization program and/or a safe and effective course of treatment.


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