Expert: Obama Victory Would Mean Tough Times for Israel

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obama-netanyahu1A second term for President Barack Obama could be bad news for Israel, according to Prof. Eytan Gilboa, Director of the Center for International Communication at Bar Ilan University and an expert on U.S.-Israel relations.

“I am concerned that if Obama and Netanyahu are both re-elected, Israeli -U.S. relations are expected to go through a difficult period, for at least the first year of Obama’s second term,” Gilboa told Arutz Sheva on Sunday.

He noted the bad blood been between Obama and Netanyahu during Obama’s first term and added that he believes that, given the fact that a second-term president has nothing to lose since he cannot run again, Obama will remember all the setbacks between him and Netanyahu. Gilboa added that Obama will particularly remember the feeling that exists today in the United States, according to which Netanyahu publicly endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Gilboa noted that it does not matter whether Netanyahu indeed supported Romney or not, since the main point is how things are interpreted in the U.S. The fact that Romney used Netanyahu as part of his campaign and the fact that they both have the same donors and supporters, such as Sheldon Adelson, strengthen the feeling that Netanyahu was on Romney’s side and not Obama’s, he said.

“I spoke with some members of Obama’s staff they feel that Netanyahu, in all kinds of moves he made, showed more enthusiasm for Romney than for Obama,” he said. “They made the connections that Netanyahu was on Romney’s side, no matter the reality.”

Professor Gilboa played down interpretations by some that Obama is definitely headed towards victory, saying he analyzes the data from recent polls differently and believes that every outcome except is possible except for a decisive Obama victory.

At the same time, he noted that Obama’s essential tie with Romney is a real achievement for the president, who is entering election day with a low level of public confidence, with zero growth in the U.S. economy and unemployment at close to eight percent.

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  1. You dont got to be such an expert to figure out that an “Obama Victory Would Mean Tough Times for Israel”.
    VOTE ROMNEY 2012!!!!!

  2. Something tells me one needn’t be a professional expert on U.S.-Israel relations to figure this out.

    The Obama camp’s feelings are based more on their knowledge of what Obama really thinks about than about anything Netanyahu has said or done. Netanyahu explicitly said that he is not getting involved in these elections.

    Obama also “used” Israel in his election campaign the first time around. And I am sure that there are also donors whom both Obama and Netanyahu share.

    After the way Obama has consistently treated Netanyahu over the past four years, instead of carping the Obama campaign should be down on its knees thanking Netanyahu for not outwardly encouraging Jewish voters to vote Romney.

    P.S. Does anyone think that, if elected, Obama will show the same consideration for Netanyahu in Israel’s elections?

  3. Furthermore –
    The fact that Obama is “essentially tied” with Romney is most certainly a “real achievement” -for the so-called mainstream media.

    If Obama is re-elected, or even if the election is close, he has them to thank. They will cover up anything to support Obama, and will dig up anything to block Romney.

    Does anyone think that a Republican president would have survived the travesty in Libya? Does anyone think that a Republican Secretary of State would be allowed to sit on documents implicating the President in the deaths of 4 Americans? Especially if it were to happen in the month before a presidential election?

    That would be enough to get any Republican president knocked out of the race by the media force. Add to that Solyndra, Fast and Furious, and emerging reports that preparation for Hurricane Sandy were not up to par…any of these alone would be enough for the media to have a field day with a Republican.

    The real achievement is that ROmney has tied Obama, and even according to some polls surpassed him, while campaigning with one hand tied behind his back.

  4. That is another reason why we must all get out and make sure to vote for Romney. According to Rasmussen reports its 50-50.
    We in the Jewish community can make the difference and help Romney become President.


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