Expert: Threat to Israel from International Criminal Court Is Exaggerated

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Former Israel Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker told the Jerusalem Post that the threat posed to Israel by the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been exaggerated and is very unlikely to turn into anything concrete.

Baker believes there is no chance the ICC will go after the settlement enterprise as war crimes because they do not meet the “gravity” requirement – meaning that the ICC was founded to go after genocide, not housing.

“If [the ICC] wants to maintain its status of probing the most serious crimes as a whole, which threaten peace and security and threatened millions, can anyone genuinely say Israeli settlement activity meets those criteria?”

{ Israel News}


  1. Perhaps it’s an exaggeration to refer to Mr Baker as an expert: Don’t underestimate the irrational when it comes to goyishe interaction with Israel. If all the diplomacy of the world can converge upon Israel while ignoring real genocide elsewhere, what makes Mr Baker think this court won’t do the same. The goyishe diplomatic hypocrites are very well capable of using the international criminal court as another tool in their war against Yisroel.


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