Experts: Herd Immunity Is Unlikely In The US

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COVID-19 is here to stay, say experts, who believe emerging variants coupled with vaccine hesitancy is likely to make it impossible to achieve herd immunity in the U.S.

According to The New York Times, more than half of U.S. adults have had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccines, but daily vaccination rates are falling. Scientists and public health experts now believe that reaching the threshold of immunity to stave off the virus is unattainable in the foreseeable future, and maybe forever.

What they predict is that COVID-19 will will remain for many years to come, causing hospitalizations and deaths, but to a much lesser degree than experienced so far.

“The virus is unlikely to go away,” said Rustom Anti, Ph.D., a professor of biology and a faculty member at the Emory Vaccine Center at Emory University in Atlanta. “But we want to do all we can to check that it’s likely to become a mild infection.”

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  1. Yes, herd immunity is unlikely.
    No, herd immunity is not necessary to return to normal life.
    Now that pretty much anyone that was extremely concerned about the virus had the opportunity to vaccinate, I am no longer obligated to concern myself with the pandemic.
    Even if those who do carry elevated risk (with the exception of immuno-suppressed and immuno-compromised people. If you are near people in those categories you ought to be careful, with or without COVID) catch the virus, they had the opportunity to vaccinate, and you need not be more concerned with their health than they are.

    • >>> it doesn’t affect those who don’t give a hoot.

      That explains the immense decrease in the local owl population.

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