Experts: Sharansky’s Solution For Kosel Will Ruin Israel’s Archaeological Treasure


sharanskyThe Jerusalem Archaeological Park and Davidson Center, located south of the Kosel, is widely considered the most important archaeological site in Israel. Enormous stones that formed the upper tiers of this wall prior to the churban lie on top of each other in a tall heap. Above them are remnants of Robinson’s Arch, the largest stone overpass in the ancient world, which led to the Har Habayis.

This park area has now come under threat due to Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky’s plan to create an additional tefillah area there for the Kosel. According to details that Haaretz has obtained, the plan calls for the erection of an enormous wooden deck that would cover 500 square meters and be suspended seven to eight meters off the ground by steel beams to create an additional space for worship. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “It’s absolutely not an option to build anything near Robinson’s Arch,” Prof. Eilat Mazar, an archaeology professor at Hebrew University, said this week. “It’s a sacred archaeological site and it is the only place where visitors can get an accurate impression of the original Wall’s destruction during the Second Temple period.”.

    I agree with Professor Eilat Mazar.

    This section of the 150,000 trapezoid platform is a beautiful part of the Jerusalem landscape, even if most of the focus is elsewhere. If there was a hierarchy of importance of archaeological sites in the world then the area bounded a one kilometre radius around the Golden Dome would have to rank near the top. When deciding on all issues related to development and management of the Haram al Sharif/Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount one must take into account the spiritual significance, aesthetics and complexity of the site.

    I do believe that with a bit of maturity the site can fulfil its potential and be a true “House for All Nations”.

    Hag Chavouot Sameah !

  2. Does anyone really believe that Sharansky gives a hoot about any religious site of historical importance? Don’t think so. He is who he is.


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