EXPOSED IN THE WINDY CITY: Christian Missionaries In Chicago Posing As Jews


A married couple who recently moved to Chicago and settled in a Jewish neighborhood has been outed as Christians posing as Orthodox Jews, as reported by the COLlive website.

David and Rivkah Castello moved to the Jewish neighborhood of West Rogers Park a few months ago with a mission to influence Jews to adopt Christianity. Their dress and behavior were indistinguishable from standard Orthodox Jews, and Rivkah even babysat for the children of the community in her home. David showed up regularly to shul with his yarmulke, beard and long peyos.

Recently, a Brooklyn resident visited Chicago and saw David in the shul. He immediately identified him since the couple had been outed in Brooklyn last year. He quickly informed others and a Chicago local, Rabbi Levi Notik, spread the word to the community.

Upon being confronted the couple admitted that they were “on a mission to specifically live among the frum community and actively influence others.” They also admitted that they’re not Jewish. Rabbi Notik also discovered an article online profiling the couple about their mission to infiltrate a ‘hasidic community’.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. There are hundreds (no exaggeration) of web sites that are sponsored by evangelists Christians and Messianics. Many of them have very pareve names or just the name of the person giving the courses and lessons. Some of these missionaries are very very well versed in Tanach, Midrashim, and even gemara. The web sites often discuss Jewish topics and are pareve with no mention of j. A hemishe person would usually recognize if a web site is not appropriate because they don’t hesitate to quote from the new testament and if its a video the speaker usually has his head uncovered and they aren’t careful about Hashem’s name. But there are many that are only audio or text and it would be very difficult for someone not well versed in Tanach to recognize that its missionaries.

  2. Um. Why wasn’t every Jewish community across the country warned about these people? We publish every piece of nareshkeit under the sun, but we don’t publicize a threat like this. We really have our priorities straight, don’t we?

  3. Pictures of the couple and their children should be posted in all Jewish cities and neighborhoods worldwide. This will infuriate them and hopefully scare them off and other Xtians too.

  4. Castello doesn’t sound like a Jewish name. These people don’t look 100% in the picture: a guy with a chasideshe levush and a wife showing half her hair. Basically, anyone with a tiny bit of observation skills and a tiny bit of interest in fellow Jews would see something is off.

  5. They don’t look Jewish to me, but of course, there are many people who are legitimate geirim or children of them.

    Scary. We should not be timid to ask people what they think about j, and lots of xians will identify themselves.

  6. The regular chabad crowd I once attended included twice two gentiles who wore tzitzits with techeles. The rabbi who is now deceased said few words.

    Glad Hashem directed me to a kollel. A never see is nice.

    • Leave your comfort zone. Help yidden being a tzadik in peltz is no great chocmo. Share your gretwisdom and be mekarev the ooomas haoylom.

    • The Chicago community has a responsibility to find out where this family is going and warn the Jewish community there!


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