EXPOSING THE MEDIA: Watch: Why is the Media Totally Ignoring Innocent Victims of the Riots?

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Don’t their lives matter too?



  1. So they’re finally getting at the fake news media now that most Deep State criminals have b”H been coronavirused. You can see it for yourself. Find 1 Democrat or Rhino political criminal still around. If you have somewhat keen eyes you can easily detect that all those famous politicians mentioned in daily reports are not the real ones. Some features on their faces are not the same or they’re old photos. Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Obama are the most noticeable.

    • I actually had a revelation that there are a bunch of extra-terrestrial beings who have invaded our country and kidnapped all the politicians and are right now impersonating them. Soon they will move on to phase 2 of there plot and begin systematically subverting the entire country! When will all you sheeple wake up to the grave danger we are in! Let us drive the away before it is too late!!!


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