Ezer Mizion Facilitates its 1000th Life-Saving Transplant

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rabbi-chollak-ezer-mizionIt all began with the number one. A Jewish patient whose life hung on a thread. Only a bone marrow transplant would enable him to survive and the world registry had no genetic match for him. A pool of  Jewish genes was clearly needed. Thus the birth of Ezer Mizion’s International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry. No match was found for Moshe Schayek, the impetus for the original drive, and, sadly, he passed away. But his need led to so many others receiving the life-saving transplant—many of them small children.

Ezer Mizion has since grown to become the largest Jewish registry and the 4th largest registry in the world. This month Ezer Mizion facilitated its 1000th life-saving transplant. Tiny toddlers, young mothers, doting grandfathers have expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the ultimate gift-the gift of life.

For many cancer patients, the sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. To achieve success, both donor and patient must share the same genetic makeup. As genetic makeup is associated with ethnicity, Jews tend to match other Jews. Without a Jewish registry, the chances of finding a match in the world registry is miniscule at best. And to compound the problem, a cancer patient does not have much time. If a match is not immediately available on the registry’s database, a drive may take place. However, even if the drive is successful, it may be too late. The patient’s condition may have deteriorated to the point that a transplant will no longer be effective.

Even the largest Jewish registry is not large enough. It is essential that Ezer Mizion be enlarged from its current over 600,000 potential donors to One Million, a number that statistically will enable Ezer Mizion to answer ‘Yes’ to over 90% of its requests.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


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