Ezer Mizion Launches “Global Giving Week”: A Giving Campaign to Expand the Largest Jewish Bone Marrow Registry in the World

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For a cancer patient to receive a stem cell qualify for a bone marrow transplant, they need to find a donor who is a perfect genetic match perfectly meets their biological criteria. This is often an incredibly difficult task and can take significant ample time, time that cancer the patient simply doesn’t have. Only 1 in 4 patients will find a match from a close family member. All others depend on finding their genetic match from someone who can offer great chances, however, sharing the same ethnic background often presents equally hopeful chances. Ezer Mizion has built created what is now the largest Jewish bone marrow registry in the world, saving dozens of lives each month in 46 countries around the world. During this crucial campaign, YOU can help partner with Ezer Mizion and help them reach even greater higher heights for all those still desperately waiting for their genetic stem cell match and their second chance at life!.

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