Ezras Nashim Denied Ambulance Application At NYC Council


Ezras Nashim, an all-woman Orthodox Jewish paramedic group, was denied an application Tuesday night to operate an ambulance in two Brooklyn neighborhoods by the Regional EMS Council of NYC, setting the stage for a fight in Albany.

Representatives of the all-male Hatzolah EMS opposed the application, as did a group of rabbonim, who contended at a hearing last month that having two ambulance services covering the same area would be confusing.

The group wants to run its own ambulance to fill a “significant void” in emergency medical coverage for Orthodox Jewish women in Brooklyn, according to the group’s application.

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  1. Who would ever believe that an organization like Hatzalah would campaign against this organization. Hatzalah went through the exact same opposition themselves when they began. Every single concern and argument that they are using against Ezras Nashim was levied against them.
    It is dangerous to have a second service, what is wrong with the city’s? People will die because they don’t have the same capacity as 911. The religious issues are all made up. It’s not my religious sensitivity so it doesn’t count. How can you trust a bunch of young religious guys? They never went to collage. Their training will never be the same as 911. If someone calls them they will delay calling 911 and people will die. You can’t trust people to make the right decision whom to call, etc etc etc.

  2. Poster #1, a yid, clearly you didn’t either go to “college” otherwise you would know how to spell the institution you went to! It’s college, not collage!

  3. I dont get this organizations entire premise. To advance Tznius in difficult areas such as delivering a baby ( a valid point) they are trying to cause (advertently or inadvertently) tremendous Pirtzos in Tznius with woman blazing through boro park etc. with lights and sirens !!!! they have a concern but their solution in not exactly smart. Furthermore, what will they do when a immoral man calls them!! It will be illegal for them not to send out their members.


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