F-35’s $10 Billion Funding Gap Hints at a Jet Too Costly to Fly

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The Pentagon’s five-year budget plan for the F-35 falls short by as much as $10 billion, the military’s independent cost analysis unit has concluded, a new indication that the complex fighter jet may be too costly to operate and maintain.

The Defense Department’s blueprint for the next five fiscal years calls for requesting $78 billion for research and development, jet procurement, operations and maintenance and military construction dedicated to the F-35 built by Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT). But the cost analysis unit estimates $88 billion will be needed.

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  1. The F-35 was a bad idea from the beginning. It was a bipartisan screwup but Democrats played a bigger role. Ironically one of the goals was to save money. It is a weapons system designed to do everything and as a result does nothing well, at too high a price.

    Bernie Sanders former defense policy advisor Bill French has been one of the most articulate opponents of the F-35. Yet he could not even convince his own boss to oppose it! Such is the influence of Lockheed Martin, strategically placing F-35 jobs in almost every congressional district. Eisenhower’s famous warning about the military industrial complex has been proven correct. Ironically it was the Kennedy/Johnson administration and its SecDef Robert McNamara (a Republican) who pretty much ended the capability of the federal government to produce its own weapons systems, closing armories and shipyards because he incorrectly believed the private sector to be more efficient.

    Sadly this is one thing President Joe Biden won’t change. And Trump doesn’t care, he just wants to spend more money on the military no matter whether it helps the military or not.

    • “Such is the influence of Lockheed Martin”
      Very true. Can’t you say the same thing about the pharmaceutical companies vying for the rights/license to be thee exclusive distributor of the Covid 19 vaccine?! Don’t you think there is corruption with Fauci/Trump and Congress regarding the developments of how/when/where the vaccine will be available?! Don’t you believe we are being manipulated by the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies?


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