Facebook, Candy Crush Costs Employers Nearly $100B Each Year


Idle time in fact occurs frequently across all occupational categories in the US, and is costing employers roughly $100 billion each year, according to a draft paper to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology.

In the new survey conducted of 2,103 workers across 29 broad job categories, a team led by Andrew Brodsky of the University of Texas and Teresa Amabile at Harvard Business School found that the vast majority (78.1 percent) reported experiencing idle time, and a healthy minority of 21.7 percent reported being idle (and bored) for at least part of the day.

“The financial implications of this idle time are substantial,” says Brodsky, who calls the $100 billion estimate a “conservative” one, based on the assumption that workers earned the median annual US pay rate of $17.09 per hour rather than the higher $22.71 based on the mean wage cited by the 2014 Census Bureau survey.

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