Facebook Initially Refuses To Remove Page Calling For Stabbing Of Israelis

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stab israelis facebookFacebook refused to remove a page calling for the stabbing of Israelis, claiming the page was compliant with its community standards, until an Israeli newspaper called the social network out on the decision.

The page, titled “Stab Israelis,” was opened in the wake of the current wave of Palestinian terror attacks taking place in Israel and called for “a campaign to support the Palestinian people including the stabbing of Israelis,” according to the Hebrew-language news website of Yediot Achronot.

Although Israeli social media users complained that the page was inciting violence, Facebook initially refused to remove the page, deciding that it did not violate its guidelines. After Yediot Achronot published an article about Facebook’s refusal, the social network ultimately removed the page.




  1. I know most Jews won’t like what I’m about to write, but I think we should boycott facebook and not use its services until they get the message. The fact they saw nothing wrong with a page devoted to promoting the killing of Jewish Israelies says volumes about their mindset. Facebook should be banned in all Jewish homes.


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