Facebook Removes Trump Ad Targeting Biden


A pro-Trump ad was removed from Facebook after claims that it contained false information, Fox News has learned.

America First Action PAC on Tuesday told Fox News that Facebook removed one of its ads, titled “On Hold,” which was placed in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on July 24. The ad was flagged by Politifact on July 29, according to the PAC.

“Facebook’s decision to take down this ad shows its anti-conservative bias,” America First Communications Director Kelly Sadler told Fox News. “America First Action has logged an appeal, but the threat of anti-conservative bias, targeting, and censorship remains ahead of Election Day in November and we must be vigilant in holding big tech, like Facebook accountable.”

Read more at Fox News.



  1. The link also claims that Twiitter pro-actively removed the conservative group’s “handle” (allegedly so as to prevent them from allegedly tweeting anything allegedly false) even before they had even tweeted anything. Can anyone verify that?


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