Facebook Replaces Israel with Palestine

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facebookInexplicably, Facebook has managed to do what Ahmadinejad can only dream of: wipe Israel off the map.

Crownheights.info double checked the claim, and we can verify as of the publication of this article that it is absolutely true.

When you click on the option to turn on text messaging, Facebook promts you to fill in your country and mobile carrier; but scrolling down the list of countries, you will not find Israel between Isle of Man and Italy. You will, however, find find Palestine listed futher down in the list.

{Crown Heights.info/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. i just tried
    Israel is between Ireland and Italy.

    perhaps what is missing is Isle of man? we should get those guys to complain to facebook — I did’t realize that there was friction between Mann and the UK?

  2. Lets not forget that Zuckerburg (who still owns a quarter of facebook) is a good Jewish boy from white plains– lets dan lechaf zechus!

  3. I’M not so much concern with the geographical Israel as I’m with the people of Israel or better known as known the Jews!

    We Jews have lost ourselves in this escape from life called Facebook. The true colors and feelings are day in and day out express in this convenient and addictive site.

    I know people that have lost any connection with Judaism because of their friends and exposure.

    The internet is dangerous! But in not dangerous because of the providers of services….it is dangerous because we are
    unable and unwilling to fight them!
    We will say nasty things against Facebook
    and them will go a check our page there.

    We are the lost ones the rest is just a parable!

  4. Zuckerberg is someone who does what is popular. If it were popular to have the Magen Dovid splashing all over the site, he’d do it. It isn’t ‘popular’, and he isn’t a Jew who cares about other Jews.

    FB is a tool that allows all of us to reach out to each other easily and quickly. If you don’t like the policies of the self hating Jew who owns it, delete your account. If you don’t care what his policies are, don’t delete your account.

    I don’t care about his policies. I can reach out to my friends and family around the world with FB. Even though zuckerberg is a SHJ, he is unwittingly providing Yidden with the opportunity to connect with each other.

    I’ll keep my account.

  5. #4 – good strategy – check it out and don’t believe everything you read.

    It’s possible that there was some malicious type at the company fooling around and they fixed it as soon as they knew about it. (I’d hate to think that Facebook could be hacked.)

  6. Klal gaol, when people insist claims were “double checked” they are usually not true. True claims don’t require double checking. This claim is false

  7. Facebook is a fad. Mark my words, a few years from now it will be gone along with all other social network wackos who have come-and-gone.

  8. it is only when using a mobile carrier the israel company’s do not work with facebook while the Palestine one does also if u try to set your residence as any where in the west bank and gaza you can only but up a city with no country so facebook did not delete israel try again

  9. In fact, the author is right because I looked myself yesterday and could find Israel no where, not between Ireland and Italy. If it is there today, it is because it was added overnight.

  10. “Lets not forget that Zuckerburg (who still owns a quarter of facebook) is a good Jewish boy from white plains– lets dan lechaf zechus!”

    Actually, zuckerberg considers himself an atheist.

  11. Aaron,Yes, I read your post right after Facebook Comments were pesotd and before publishing visited again and read that response. I’m not sure what to make of that solution since I’m uncertain how he’s obtaining those comments. But if he can get them you certainly could drop them into a noscript tag and have them render for search engines. And I agree that while I can’t support it from an SEO perspective, it still might make sense! SEO isn’t everything, and in this instance removing comment spam and trolls, potentially increasing the quality of discourse on your property and getting more traffic from Facebook could be a net benefit.I’m a bit uneasy about Facebook capturing such a large part of the web behind a walled garden, but it also presents some interesting possibilities.


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