Facebook Sued Over Warning Labels on Anti-Vaccine Posts

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Facebook Inc.’s practice of putting fact-checking warning labels on anti-vaccination posts triggered a lawsuit accusing the social media company of censorship.

Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit advocacy group led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., filed the complaint Monday in federal court in northern California.

The warning labels “appear to flag disinformation, but in reality censor valid and truthful speech,” according to the complaint.

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  1. Whenever Fake News says “appear to flag disinformation” we know it’s true but the government does not want you to investigate.

  2. A step in the right direction. Facebook is supposed to be an open public platform where anyone can share ideas. If they start censoring, then they’re status has now changed to being a publisher. Publishers can be sued for wrongful accusations. FYI many “anti vaccination” posts are information straight from the CDC, medical journals/studies, and other government websites

  3. It’s great to see that antivaxx and anti masks and anti lockdown and proHCQ are now all lumped together; they are the true fact checkers of big pharma

  4. First of all it’s abundantly obvious that all these social media companies are obviously not entitled to the legal protection of being a platform. end of story. Now as far as the censoring is concerned as a publisher I’m all in favor of flagging anti-vaxxing garbage as false. BUT knowing BIG TECH i don’t actually believe that what they were censoring was what they claim it is. If a conservative goes and says anything they don’t like they’ll shut it down (although they need to leave some stuff up as a defense) but really everyone know they censor conservatives all the time. They censor trump for saying something they don’t like but do nothing when KHameinie (he doesnt deserve his name to be spelled properly) endorses genocide of the Jews. So everyone knows that they censor conservative and allow hate speech. Which would be perfectly legal if they were recognized as publishers and put in their terms and conditions that they are a leftist media source only and that any conservative contant may be removed. BUT they don’t which means that they are illegally censoring conservatives in violation of their legal status and their own terms and conditions

  5. Many people are leaving, or at least avoiding, Facebook, YouTube, and anything Google,
    and going to other Social Media platforms.


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