Facing Virus Surge, More U.S. States Mandate Masks


California, North Carolina and a string of U.S. cities mandated or urged mandatory mask use on Thursday to get a grip on spiraling coronavirus cases as at least six states set daily records.

Putting aside concerns about individual rights and political unpopularity, U.S. governors and mayors said they were turning to compulsory face coverings to stop the virus running out of control as economies reopened.

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered mask use in most places as the state for the second day in a row registered over 4,000 new cases.

As Arizona posted another daily case record, the Democratic mayors of Tucson and Phoenix respectively ordered and prepared to vote on mandatory face coverings after Republican Governor Doug Ducey bowed to pressure and let cities set mask rules.

“This piece of protection may even save your life,” North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper told reporters, adding that he was considering statewide obligatory mask use on a day when statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations set a new high.

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  1. In the Orthodox Jewish communities of BoroPark and Williamsburg mask wearing and social distancing on a measure of 1-10 is a 0, and the virus case load has been close to zero for the past 6 weeks.

    • i reallly hope we dont regret the lack of social distancing, packed shuls and little or know mask wearing. may g-d watch over us

      • Entire neighborhoods and Yeshivas that were not locked down, no social distancing and masks had no sickness.

        Social distancing and masks are not the issues here at all. Absolutely not!
        Social distancing is ONLY to not be in harms way when the corona criminals (the elite Deep State) who are currently being pursued, will not retaliate. These criminals have weapons and wouldn’t hesitate shooting at groups.
        Masks are ONLY to make the hysteria stronger.

      • In my shul in Ramot B in Yerushalaim, we all wear masks and are spread out far apart from one another. We are מקיים the מצווה of ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם . What מצווה are you מקיים ? Eating Yossy’s kischkes?

        • Wow, you’re mamesh a tzaddeikes. So holy. So pure. Please don’t ruin your heiligeh nishoma by drezach arum on the internet.


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